What to do if incoming calls are not displayed on android


Today we’ll see what to do if incoming calls are not displayed on Android and then for someone if he is calling we are not able to understand him. The smartphone allows you to do so many things: chat, take pictures, shoot videos, know the weather, watch movies, surf the internet, and much more, so … Read more

How to set an Alarm clock with Spotify on Android


We tell you how to wake up with your favorite music putting a Spotify song alarm clock alarm clock If you are tired of the typical sound of the alarm clock and want to put your favorite music to wake up every morning we tell you how to set an alarm clock with Spotify on … Read more

Activate or deactivate the secure mode of Android

Activate or deactivate secure mode of android

Whenever a malfunction is triggered automatically or manually, Android’s secure mode helps you to solve problems while protecting your mobile. Learn how to Activate or deactivate the secure mode of Android in the event of a malfunction! Note: the secure mode does not only work automatically: you can also activate it manually whenever you want, … Read more

How to Install an APK file on an Android mobile

install-an apk-file-on-android

The application you are searching for isn’t or not available in Google Play Store? You can discover it somewhere else on the web and introduce it on your Android smartphone or tablet via an APK file. A generally straightforward activity. How to authorize the use of an APK file? Before you can introduce an application … Read more