Every Android 15 Feature We Know About so Far

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Thanks to Google’s Android Developer Program, we know a lot about what to expect with Android 15. As we prepare for Google I/O in May, where we expect to delve more into the features of Android 15, it’s worth remembering that major facts about the forthcoming operating system have already emerged. Thanks to Google’s Android … Read more

How to Hide Snapchat score | Step by Step Guide

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As we know Snapchat encourages users to use the application more than any other social network, giving lines and points for each account based on the use of the account, and it also displays Codes in the chat section. Such things do not exist at all on other social networks. However, there are those who … Read more

How To Disable And Manage Snapchat Notifications

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If you are a Snapchat network use some of its notifications may annoy you, or you don’t want a message or suggestion notifications to appear on your Android or iPhone. Well, in this guide, we will learn how to control the appearance or removal of all kinds of notifications on Snapchat. We also know that … Read more

How to change the language of your Snapchat account

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Snapchat is among the most used social platforms in the digital world, along with Facebook and Instagram. It goes without saying that this network will be used in several languages to expand the reach of users in all regions of the world. Of course, if you use your Snapchat account in a specific language that … Read more

How To Stop Someone’s Story From Appearing On Snapchat

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If one of your friends is on Snapchat that annoys you with their many endless stories, you can simply prevent them from appearing on your Snapchat account, without your knowledge of course. You can simply mute anyone’s story in just a few steps. When you turn off someone’s Snapchat Story, it means that when they … Read more

How to Share a Tweet on Snapchat Story

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Previously, users relied on capturing the screenshot from a Twitter app in order to share it in Snapchat Story but now, this is no longer necessary so you can easily share any Twitter tweet on Snapchat Stories in a distinctive way with the link to enter directly into the tweet. Sharing a Twitter Tweet on … Read more

Meaning of Snapchat Symbols | Everything Explained

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Snapchat is among the most popular and most used social networks, especially among young people and teenagers. Snapchat includes many internal features that you will find when using it, one of these features is the emoji that appears next to the names of your friends in the Friends section, and it is likely that you … Read more

How To Change And Edit Your Cartoon Character On Snapchat

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Of course, when creating an account on Snapchat you set your cartoon character according to your facial characteristics, this is the character that represents you on the Snapchat network, so you can add many styles of stickers of your cartoon character on the story that is suitable for occasions, vacations, weather conditions, days, etc. automatically … Read more