How To Stop Someone’s Story From Appearing On Snapchat

If one of your friends is on Snapchat that annoys you with their many endless stories, you can simply prevent them from appearing on your Snapchat account, without your knowledge of course. You can simply mute anyone’s story in just a few steps.

When you turn off someone’s Snapchat Story, it means that when they post stories to their account, they will never appear to you at the top (the stories section). One of the benefits of this feature is that you won’t have to delete or block someone on Snapchat Due to their disturbing stories, only you can deactivate them and you can still message them and access their profile, plus you can reactivate them at any time from the same setting. Without further ado, here’s how to disable or prevent someone’s story from appearing on your Snapchat.

How to prevent someone from appearing on your Snapchat

Regardless of the friend, you can disable Stories for specific groups or trending Stories. To get started 

  • Go to the profile of the person whose Stories you want to stop appearing on your account.
  • Click the three vertical dots option in the upper right corner
  • A menu will appear from the bottom, click on the Mute Story option to prevent that person’s stories from appearing on your account. (On iPhone, activate the button next to the Mute Story option. The button should turn blue).
  • If this is the first time you’ve muted someone on Snapchat, a window will pop up for you to confirm this, just click on the Mute option.
  • On iPhone, you’ll need to click the Done button at the bottom to save the changes, but on Android, the changes are saved automatically by clicking the Mute Story option.

How to unmute someone’s Snapchat Story

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Enabling the sound of a story for that person you previously disabled is very easy and simple, you can follow the same steps above and click on the option to re-enable your story (Unmute Story). On iPhone, disable the button next to the Unmute Story option.

After you unmute it, of course, that person’s stories will reappear in your account.

These are the steps to apply if you have Snapchat friends who are annoyed by their repetitive stories that are not important to you. Only you can deactivate them without their knowledge so that they don’t get any notifications that you’ve hidden your story.