How to Send Animated GIFs on Snapchat | Step by Step Guide

Considered Snapchat One of the best and most important social networks used to share stories and chat instantly between users. Many users love to send gifs on Snapchat to have fun and express their feelings in a special way. Of course, you can send the GIF animation to anyone via yours by following the steps below.

How to send GIFs on Snapchat



We can do this directly through the Snapchat app and without the need to use a third-party app, as the GIF feature is included on Snapchat and includes many different gifs.

  • Open the Snapchat app and sign in to your account if you haven’t already. Then, take a story photo of whatever you’re comfortable with. 
  • Once you’ve taken the photo, tap the sticker icon on the side.
  • You’ll see lots of things you can add to the image, including stickers, temperature, clock, etc. 
  • Click on the Gif option, 
  • Search for the Gif in the search rectangle at the top. For example, type in Panda, and an animated panda image will appear in the Giphy section.
  • After adding a GIF to your story, position and resize the story with your two fingers. 
  • You can also include any other elements like typing text or inserting a sticker, clock, etc. 
  • If you want to add another GIF to your story, repeat the steps.

You can publish the image to your story or you can send it to anyone privately. To send it to someone privately, click on the Send to a button that appears below on the side.

A list of your friends will appear on Snapchat, select the friend you want to send a Gif to, then click the Send button that appears at the bottom as a triangle. (You can select multiple friends and send them a GIF at once.)

Your story containing the GIF has been successfully sent to your friend. But what if you only want to send a GIF without taking a picture and include a GIF. Here you can simply send it using the keyboard that includes GIFs, most keyboard apps It includes a special section that includes GIFs, look for the original keyboard on your phone and if you can’t find a GIF on it, use another keyboard app.

  • When you enter the chat 
  • Click on the text box to bring up the keyboard. 
  • Look for the Gif option and it often appears as a tab after clicking on the emoji icon.
  • Find the right gif and send it. 
  • You can use the search function on the keyboard to find the perfect GIF.
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