how to download Fortnite on pc

here’s how to download Fortnite on pc

Navigate to official Website

when you’re at your desktop open up your preferred browser and search for epic games Fortnite, Click the link from to get to the official fortnight landing page

Choose the Download Platform

on the top right click, the yellow button that says download here you’ll be prompted to choose your platform in this case we’re on a pc so click pc or mac

Create Epic Games Account

Now you’ll be asked to create your epic games account if you have an account already select sign in and enter your info otherwise select your signup method and enter your birthday, name, display name, and password the display name will be your public gamer id 

Download Fortnite File

now that you’re all logged in you’ll get another option for downloading Fortnite we’re using windows so we’ll select that but choose mac if you’re on an Apple computer

Install the installer

now the file is downloading once it’s finished we can click it to open the installer it will ask where you want to install the game launcher click install to place it in your PC’s default program folder

once you’ve confirmed the location your computer may ask to confirm the action for security

Click yes and the epic games launcher will begin to install this is the program that manages Fortnite and its updates

Login to Epic Games

we’ll again be prompted to log in enter the credentials we used from before

Install Fortnite Game

now we’re asked to install Fortnite onto the pc, choose a location or leave it to default and click install Fortnite is now installing onto your computer the epic games launcher will Appear you can go to the bottom left to open a more detailed download status page now that it’s downloading we’ll need to wait for it to finish as the install finishes we can now safely delete the original file we used to get the epic launcher with Fortnite finish downloading we can now start it from the launcher or from the desktop shortcut


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