How to see wifi passwords saved in windows 10

In technology, the most common problems are related to wifi passwords, since it is a series of numbers that you have to remember or save in some of the different ways. Among them, remembering the WiFi password is one of the most complicated tasks and sometimes you can even lose the notation where you have it, although as a solution you can see the WiFi password in Windows 10 with the steps that you show you.

Google changes a lot with respect to the passwords saved on the mobile. you will not need any type of program or extra tool, everything that comes by default in Windows 10 will allow us to access the WiFi passwords stored as long as you are currently connected to the network, something important and to remember.

Know WiFi passwords in Windows 10

As in other tricks and possibilities that you have seen around technology, the ability to see the WiFi passwords in Windows 10 has several ways that we are going to show you. In neither of the two cases are complicated processes, but nevertheless, you will have to follow them in detail.

If after trying one of them has not worked, we invite you to try the alternative and if not, repeat it by reading the steps carefully, since an error in a character or in a single step can cause you to not get access to the WiFi password.

Steps to view WiFi passwords on the computer

In the process to get to see the WiFi passwords stored in your computer, you only have to start with entering the Network and Sharing Center. Go to Settings, then tap on Network and Internet and then choose the panel on the left side on WiFi.

Now you slide through all the options that appear until you find the so-called Network Center and then you can continue with the process that will allow us to access the WiFi password of the router to which you are connected at the moment.

In the new screen that you find, the WiFi connection to which you are currently linked will appear, having to tap on it. This will open a new tab with several options.

you will only have to tap on Wireless Properties, which again will open a tab on it.

To finish, you only have to choose the Security window that is at the top of the tab that was opened last time, and then it will be time to click on the Show characters option. Now you will only have to write down the WiFi key or copy it to the clipboard to use it wherever you need it.

The secret codes to see the WiFi key

Another way that you have at our disposal to see the WiFi key that you are using and this time also of other WiFi networks that you have used recently is through Command Prompt.

  • To take advantage of it you only have to write in the Windows 10 search bar the following: CMD
  • In the tab that you see, what you have to do is type the following phrase: netsh wlan show profile
  • With this code what you will be getting is to see a list of WiFi networks stored on our computer, to remember and have at our fingertips the exact name of the WiFi key.
  • Then what you have to write to be able to see and copy the WiFi password is this: netsh wlan show profile name=nameWIFI key=clear

But replacing “nameWIFI” by the name of your WiFi network of which you want to know the password. To finish press enter and you will see the password to be able to do with it what you need.

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