How to change the background of my blog in Blogger without using applications?

Learn how to change the background of my blog in Blogger. Blogger is one of the applications that contains Google, which serves to create our own blog easily and free, in turn with this we can generate passive income to our account, since through it we can earn money either through the Google AdSense platform or as affiliate marketing including your own company.

More, however, having a good blog with a good presentation and images in it, is essential for people who enter your blog do not feel bored and have to leave the site because they do not find what they were looking for. That’s why today we want to give you this little guide in which you can learn how to customize your Blogger blog’.

How to customize your blog within the Blogger platform?

In order to customize your Blogger blog, the first thing you must do is to create an account, if you do not have one, but if you already have one simply log in to your account, then create your entries or pages, but if you already have your entries and blog created, you must skip this step, then you must follow the steps you are going to explain below:

From the ‘view blog’ option

To do this action, all you have to do is enter the control panel of your blog, which is located on the left side of the screen and you will find the last option where it says ‘view blog’.

After this you will notice that Blogger redirected you to the home page of your blog, so you should look in the options, which are located at the top right of the screen, the option that says design, when you are in design you will click on customize.

After this, you will notice that you will see in the first option, that lets you change the header image, both the color of the letters that appear in it, when you have already configured you will be located in the preview of the blog and look at the bottom of the icon to save, and ready the changes will be saved.

How to change the background of your Blogger user account?

Apart from the option to change the design that we mentioned above, from the configuration of your Blogger account you can also do it, so we invite you to follow the following steps that you are going to describe below:

Change it from ‘Theme’.

 Now, after you are inside your blog you will go to the option where it says themes, and then select the theme that you have already predetermined, or select another theme, then you will go to the option that says customize.

In customize this will give you in the first option, the possibility of changing the header image and the background image and in turn the colors of the letters that appear in it, and as we did the previous step you can save your changes, however.

You must take into account, that the images that you are going to use either header, background or within your entries are of public use, that is to say, that it does not have copyright, since if it has it the owner of the image can report you for copyright or plagiarism.

 We recommend that you look for a free image bank where you can access them and copyright them, this way you will avoid major problems later on.

What to do if you do not want to use the backgrounds set by Blogger?

If you do not want to use the default templates that are inserted in the Blogger settings, you can insert external templates, which serve to give a more professional touch to your blog, and that is in turn look more striking and attractive, so that when your customers enter your blog, do not feel bored, and thus you will get more views to your blog.

How to import an image or photo from your gallery to Blogger?

In order to import a photo from your gallery to Blogger, all you have to do is enter the post you are going to create, followed by this, you go to where it says insert image, then you will see several options, which are insert image from your gallery, insert one from the Blogger blog and insert the URL of an image found on the internet, then select the image you are going to place in your post.

At the same time it is very important that you know that keeping your blog well organized and without plagiarism faults, can be considered by Google AdSense for its monetization program, this way, you can not only have that blog to inform, but to earn money with it. 

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