How to add a video to Wix website from a PC or cell phone – Complete Guide

Find out how to add a video to Wix website. Wix is a website that allows us to create web pages from scratch without the need to be experts in programming or e-commerce, which is very useful if you want to start creating your blog, since it offers many free tools that you can add to your blog, such as choosing a template, page design and menu, and even upload images and videos on it.

Now, if you want to know how you can upload a video to this platform from your PC, I invite you to follow the steps that we are going to describe below.

How to upload a video to my video library on the Wix platform?

In order to upload a video from your computer to your Wix website, the first thing you should do is log in to your account, when you are in your account, you will notice the main control panel that is on the page, so proceed to look on the left side in the option that is under the profile picture, where it says manage site.

Afterwards you will go to the option that says edit site; after you are in the edit site option, locate the entry or page you want to add the video; then you will go to the options that appear on the left side of the screen and look for the option that says add.

After this you will have to select the video option, but every time we must emphasize that in Wix you can not upload videos that you have directly on your PC if you have a free account, but those videos that you have hosted on other servers, since this version does not have servers to store these videos.

So to put the video you really go to the cloud that you have it hosted in this case can be a YouTube video, then you will choose the option to add and upload the video.

will choose the option to add and you will give in the option where it says to add videos from YouTube.

Later you will proceed to arrange it where you want it to appear and then remove the video that appears by default insert the link to the YouTube video, this way you can upload all the videos you need for your Wix page.

How to add to my Wix website or blog from a device?

In order to add a website or blog to Wix, the first thing you must do is log in to your Wix account, either through your website or from your mobile application, then you must follow the steps that you are going to indicate below:

Using Windows PC or Mac

If you decide to create the entry from their website from your PC, the first thing you should do is, enter their website and after this really log in, then you will go to where it says (my website), after this you will go to the option where it says edit site. 

When you are here you will click on the option where it says home page which is located at the top left of the screen, after you are here you will go to the last option where it says blog, after this you will click on entry, later on, you will notice that it will redirect you to another tab where you can edit the entry and then publish it.

From an Android or iOS cell phone

To create a blog or entry to your Wix website, from your cell phone, you have two options; one is to do it from your mobile application or by entering your website, after you are here you will look for the website you have created, and if you have not done them you can start creating one, to later manage the site and just as we did from the PC.

We can add your blog post to your Wix website, in turn if you want to upload a video to your Wix website to make it look professional, you can do it from the CapCut application which is not only available on mobile devices, but also on desktop devices.

After you have edited and created your video you can upload it to YouTube, then upload it to your website, this way you can show a welcome video to your new or old customers and make your page look more eye-catching.

What are the ways you allow me to use videos on the web pages?

In Wix there are different ways in which you can place your videos on your Wix website which we are going to mention below:

Add a background video

With Wix, you can place a background video on your page, this way you will have an interface of your page more striking and original, in turn you can add watermark to your videos, and to do this you must choose the video design option, the option of strip in this way, the background video will appear.

Add a YouTube or Vimeo video

As we mentioned before with Wix, you can add your YouTube videos to your posts or pages, using the add option, then click on video and finally on YouTube video, here you will put the URL of the video and that’s it.

How to add YouTube and Vimeo videos to my Wix Pro gallery?

To do this you must log into your Wix Pro account, then click on the gallery of your editor, then click on organize elements, then click on add, then you can select to upload one from your PC or add the YouTube or Vimeo link, after you choose the option that suits you, click on update gallery and that’s it, you will upload your video from your Wix Pro account.