How To Edit a PDF File For Free – Easy & Fast Way 2024

If you want to edit a PDF file, then there are some options like you can get the Adobe Acrobat 

and edit a PDF file easily since PDF and Adobe Acrobat both are the product of Adobe software So it would be easy to edit PDF files 

And there is some third-party software as well to edit PDF files or you can use some online services to edit the PDF file.  

But all this software and services would cost you some money.  

So in this blog, I will show you How to edit a pdf file for Free

how you can edit a PDF file for free - without paying anything

if you have one to 10 pages on a PDF file, then it would work without any problem.  

You can try it with larger PDF files, but it is going to take some time.  

So If u want to edit a PDF file with only one page, it won’t take any time.  

I am going to show you

How to convert a PDF file into a Word file without losing the formatting and after that how to edit the word document and publish it as PDF again

Step 1: To convert the PDF file into a Word document you have to go to the browser and then go to this website PDF  

PDF one of the best websites to convert PDF files to Word documents without losing format

Step 2: you have to select this option PDF to Word.  

Step 3: Now on the next page, you need to upload the PDF file and it will convert the PDF file into a Word document in few seconds or few minutes depending on the size of the PDF file.  

Now it will convert the PDF file into a Word document and you won’t lose the formatting 

Step 4: After that, you need to click on the download option and download the Word file.

Now you need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer or you can use any third-party word processor or you can use Google Docs to open The document files from there.   

You can edit the docs as well.  

So anyhow, you have to open the document file after that

You can edit the document file and publish it as a PDF.  

you can edit whatever you want.  

You can select the text.  

Select the numbers or insert or delete pictures and you can see that you didn’t lose any formatting.  

It will have the same font family or same font size, same color, and same formatting exactly as the PDF file.  

So you won’t lose formatting using this online converter.  

Once you are done editing this word document you have to publish it as a PDF file 

go to option > save as > PDF or XPS  

and if you are not getting this option then you have to install an extension to convert 

Word document as PDF.  

but you will get this option if you are using a newer version of Microsoft Office,  

so you have to publish it as a PDF then you can name it anything whatever you want And then hit publish or press enter on your keyboard and it will save the PDF file on the desired location.  

And you can also save this word document if you want now

So this is how you can edit PDF files for free.  

It will work with smaller PDF files having one to ten Pages.  

You can try it with larger PDF files, but the conversion is going to take time 

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