What does the yellow color mean on google maps?

If you have ever wondered what the yellow color means on Google Maps, in this article, we solve your doubt.

All maps have a series of codes to differentiate some areas from others, which has led many users to wonder what the yellow color on Google Maps means. The answer depends on what is represented in that color. As we already know, the Google Maps Pegman (doll) is yellow, but there is no specific reason why it is yellow and not red or blue. That mystery is reserved for its designer, Ryan Germick, who became popular in the Street View launch video by dressing up as him.

What are the yellow zones on google maps?

Although Pegman’s story is very interesting, users want to know what the yellow zones on Google Maps are. As can be seen, as soon as we navigate we will find yellow buildings, while other areas appear in gray or green.

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Google published in its blog a color palette in which the yellow color indicates that we are in front of an area of interest. The more intense the yellow, even if it reaches orange, implies that there is a higher concentration of people in that place. In practice, we can see that the yellow areas on Google Maps correspond mostly to areas of commercial activity, although there are institutional headquarters that also appear in this color.

In Google’s chromatic palette we see that yellow is closely related to human activity, while green is reserved for natural spaces, blue for water, and red to highlight search results.

If we move to an area further away from the center of large cities, we will find that the gray color corresponds to areas where there are homes without any business nearby. If we visit a small town, the yellow areas are practically non-existent because of this scarce human activity in the area. It should also be noted that in coastal areas the beaches also tend to appear in a light yellow.

These colors can only be seen if we have the Google Maps application in ‘Standard’ mode. If we use the ‘Satellite’ mode we will have a better appreciation of the real landscape that we can find in the location, while if we opt for ‘Relief’ we will see that there are also some areas in yellow, such as train stations with a large influx of people, but it will be less evident than if we have it in ‘Standard’ mode.

What the yellow line indicates on google maps

Having clarified the reason for the yellow in various areas of the maps, it remains to answer the other big question: what does the yellow line indicate on Google Maps. In this case, the answer is much more direct. The yellow lines correspond to the main streets or roads of a place.

These lines depend on their size and also on the traffic that passes through them, and thus allow us to get an idea of which are the major roads to circulate in case of visiting the particular place. The farther we are from the map, the better these main roads will be appreciated, as this example in which we are approaching the center of Madrid.

The roads surrounding the city, as well as the exits to the various national highways, are reflected with a more intense yellow, reinforced by two orange lines on the sides. Normally, the name of the road also appears so that we can locate ourselves more accurately.

Google Maps also helps us to know the traffic status, so if we choose the ‘Traffic’ mode, we will quickly detect that the color of these main roads changes. We will no longer see it in yellow, but the application will indicate the intensity of traffic depending on whether it is green (fluid), orange (some traffic jams), or red (traffic jam).

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