How to modify the Firefox Quantum home page and windows?

Find out how to modify the Firefox Quantum home page and windows. When we are using our browser to be surfing the Internet, we like to have our windows customized with themes to feel better visually. And Firefox Quantum is no slouch when it comes to customizing the browser.

Firefox Quantum is undoubtedly the best browser that Mozilla has developed to date. Since, it has improved its visual environment, design and has better security than previous versions. But here we will not talk about this, we will be teaching you how to modify your windows and home page.

How to change the windows configuration in Firefox Quantum?

Among the new configurations that Mozilla made for the arrival of Firefox Quantum, was the improvement in its functions related to the tabs and home pages of the browser, but sometimes these can be affected by a misconfiguration. Therefore, you need to know how to install and configure the browser properly.

To change the window settings, you will have to go to the browser Menu, go to the browser options, then we will go to the Home section and you will see that you can change the configuration of the Pages that are displayed in the window.

You will be able to configure it in such a way that, if you want the pages that you are going to open, there will be in a new window or tab. Also, it will give you the option to ask if you want to close multiple tabs in a single window in case you hit close by mistake.

What is the way to change the home page in the Firefox browser?

If you want, you can change the settings of your browser’s home pages, whether you want certain pages to open when you start the browser or whether you want it to show you your favorite pages, so that you can choose the one that suits you best at that moment.

By configuring the browser’s tab preferences, you can make this setting. To do this, you can follow the steps we are going to show you in the next two points, I bet there are two ways to do it.

From Home in Firefox Quantum

First, you’ll have to open any page you want. For example, try opening How to speed up and optimize Firefox, already with the page open, you will have to take the tab and dragging with the mouse towards the symbol of the house in the browser.

You will see a message that will say ‘Choose Home Page’ we will give it yes, and when we start the browser this is the first page that will open. You can try another one if you don’t want this one.

In Firefox Quantum options

If you want to configure the tabs of Firefox Quantum, you can also do it from the browser options. Entering the menu, you will go to the options to select Home and see the Home Page and Windows option. Inside we will see the following 3 options:

  • Firefox Home. This is the page that comes by default in Firefox browsers.
  • Blank page. Here, every time we open the browser, it will simply go blank.
  • Customize URL. With this option we can make the browser show a specific page every time we open it.
  • For this last option, we will only have to add the links of the pages that we want to be shown when we open the browser. They can be as many as you want to put, but keep in mind to put the most important ones for you.

How to put Google on the Firefox home page?

If every time you enter the browser you would like to be taken directly to the Google search engine. Simply, you will have to do what we explained above, you can access the options by pressing ‘Alt + T’ and inside, you will go to page and window settings.

You will have to take the Custom URL option and put the Google address or link, after that, you just have to start the browser and the page will automatically appear by itself

How to restore the changes in the Firefox page and window settings?

In case you want to reset the browser options to their default values, without having to uninstall the browser. Firefox Quantum has this option like all browsers, go to its menu and in the displayed window and choose the Preferences option.

After the options interface opens, you will go to the General section and then to the home page, to find the option Restore to default values. When this is done, you will see that your browser will look the same as it did when you installed it.

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