How To Play Wordle On Your Smart Phone in Spanish | Guide

Learn how to play Wordle on your Smart Phone in Spanish. The game of the moment is not exclusively for PC. Discover how to play Wordle in Spanish on your mobile.

The craze has been unleashed and we already have the first viral game of 2022, more and more people are interested in how to play Wordle in Spanish from the mobile and try to find out what is the secret word of the day in six attempts. The game, inspired by Mastermind, inevitably reminds us of Lingo, that quiz show aired on La 2 in the 90s and presented by RamoncĂ­n.

Although there is no application to install Wordle on our mobiles and tablets, it is possible to play the Spanish version of Josh Wardle’s game adapted by Daniel RodrĂ­guez from the phone. The particularity of this game, which only allows the user to play with one word per day, and the fact that it does not collect any of our data have made it an instant success that everyone is sharing on their social networks, making a huge marketing campaign for the game through word of mouth -or tweet by tweet, rather-.

How To Play Wordle Original From Your Mobile

Do you want to know how to play Wordle original from your mobile? We have already pointed out that there is no application on Google Play or the App Store, so we will have two ways to play Wordle on the mobile: accessing the website of its Spanish version or entering through the link of a user who has shared his daily score on Twitter, which is not particularly complicated nowadays.

To enter through the browser, we will have to access the website and we will find the Wordle interface perfectly adapted to our mobile screen. We will read the simple rules of the game and we can start trying to guess the word of the day.

Each user will have only six attempts to guess this five-letter word, and each time you enter one you will see the letters in different colors. The green letters mean that they are correct and are well placed; the yellow letters are correct but are in another place within the word, and the gray letters are letters that you can discard, since they are not included in the word of the day.

How To Share Your Wordle Results From Your Cell Phone

One of the secrets of the virality of this game is that practically all of us want to show off our results on Twitter, so we will have to know how to share your Wordle results from the mobile so that everyone can see how skillful you have been at guessing the daily word in the game of the moment, capable of overshadowing even the most popular TikTok games.

Once you have finished playing and obtained your result, a ‘Share’ button will appear. When you press it, however, you will see that no social network opens automatically, but that the message with the icons has been copied to the clipboard. We will then have to manually open our Twitter application (if we want to share it there) and follow the same procedure as when writing any tweet, but pasting in the text box the result we have obtained in our daily game.

In this way, by tweeting the result, our followers will be able to see what our result of the day has been and will have a link available for them to access the web and play Wordle, possibly with the result that they end up becoming unconditional fans, like the vast majority of those of us who have tried the viral game so far in 2022.

The results can also be shared on Facebook, so you can brag about your score on this social network if it is the one you use the most.

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