How To Search in Google With A Photo From Your Cell Phone

Learn how to search in Google with a photo. If you did not know how to search Google with a photo from your cell phone, in this article we detail the process step by step.

Have you ever received a photo on your cell phone and you want to know its origin? This article will be your guide on how to search Google with a photo from your mobile. This type of reverse search, in which we are the ones who provide the photo and Google provides the information, is one of the most unknown and at the same time interesting functions of the search engine.

Google: Search By Image

This is the process to correctly use this Google function: search by image will allow us to obtain the information on the web about what appears in our photos. To be able to quickly search for an image we have on our cell phone, we will need to have downloaded the Google application.

Once we have it, we just have to open it and click on the icon with a camera that we will find on the right side of the search box (see image). Then, by default, our camera will open through Google Lens. To choose a picture already taken, we can access our gallery by clicking on the icon of images that is on the left side in a black circle.

By pressing there, we will be able to choose the photo we want from our image gallery and select it. Finally, we slide down and Google will offer us other similar images and the information that is available on the web about what we have photographed. It should be noted that with certain uses of this reverse search (for example, to detect a possible catfish in networks) the results can be quite inaccurate since the results are based on the images to which Google does have access. On Android

Another option to search for images is to directly access on Android. This process is somewhat longer than the previous one, since through this address we will not find the camera icon to be able to upload the photo we want to search for.

To be able to do the search, we will need to have the URL of it first, which involves a few extra steps. When we see an image that we want to search, we press on it and click on ‘Open in new tab’. Then, click on the icon with the three dots at the top right and choose ‘Share’. There we will find the option ‘Copy link’, which we can paste in

As you can see, this process can be much simpler by doing the search from the Google app for Android or by choosing the option ‘Search with Google Lens’ by pressing on the image in question. Google Lens is an alternative that is increasingly implemented in Android phones and is much more practical to search for an image.  

How Google Image Recognition Works

It is natural that many questions arise about how Google image recognition works, especially in terms of privacy. Google reverse search allows us to upload an image and the search engine will offer us other related images and information that will allow us to know who is that famous person whose name we do not remember or what is the name of a plant that we have found in nature.

Google has already specified in a video how the process works to perform these reverse searches. The search engine takes the image that we have provided and analyzes its distinctive points, colors, lines and textures, comparing it with the image bank that Google has at its disposal to offer related information. In short, what is analyzed are the pixels of the images, and not specific facial features, so its effectiveness is far from a program dedicated exclusively to facial recognition.  

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