How to stream the Windows 11 screen to another device via Chromecast

Sometimes you may need to display your computer screen on another device, whether it’s a smart TV for better clarity or another device. In Windows 11 or even Windows 10, you can stream your desktop screen to another device using the Chromecast technology available in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This is similar to Apple’s AirPlay technology that allows you to display the iPhone screen on the computer or Apple TV.

You may be wondering what Chromecast technology is and how it works? This technology is a protocol that allows you to send items such as videos, music, etc. to other devices such as a smart TV. Chromecast is now available in the Google Chrome browser, in addition to Microsoft Edge, as it runs on the same system. With this technology, you can share your desktop with any other Chromecast-enabled device.

View the Windows 11 screen on another device via Google Chrome

If you want to view the Windows 11 screen on another device based on the Google Chrome browser, do the following:

  • On your browser, click the three-dot option in the top corner to display a list of options. Under that, select the Cast option.
  • From the pop-up menu, click on the “Sources” drop-down menu, and then select a “Cast Desktop” option.
  • Now choose the device on which you want to display the Windows 11 screen.
  • It will directly display the desktop of the device you selected. You can also stop this at any time by clicking on the Chromecast icon at the top, then selecting the device again.
  • View the Windows 11 screen on another device via Microsoft Edge
  • This is somewhat similar, only you find a difference in the name of the option under More Tools.
  • To get started, open the Microsoft Edge browser, then click on the three-dot option in the top corner. In the menu that appears, press More tools.
  • In the submenu, click on “Cast Media to Device”.
  • Finally, click on the device on which you want to display the Windows screen.

That’s it, we have displayed the desktop screen of the computer on another device without the need for cables, it’s very simple because you do not need a program, you simply do it via the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, which are on any computer, I think

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