How To Find The Songs That Would Save You From Vecna From Stranger Things On Spotify

Discover your personalized song that would save you from Vecna just like it saved Max.

Vecna is one of the most terrifying and dangerous creatures who has a bloody past. But did you know that you can save yourself from this evil character with music? Indeed, we tell you how to find the songs that would save you from Vecna from Stranger Things on your Spotify.

The Stranger Things series is already on its fourth season, but this time Netflix has chosen to split it into two parts with two different release dates. The first seven episodes were released on May 27, while the last three have been released on July 1. In addition, the length of the episodes of Stranger Things season 4 is longer than ever, as the last episode, this second part lasts about two hours.

One of the main characters of the new season of Stranger Things is Vecna. She seems to have her origins in another character from another serial in Dungeons and Dragons, although she is not exactly the same as the one who appears in Stranger Things. Vecna’s past has slowly been laid bare and it has been seen how she is related to Eleven and the kids with powers program.

Apparently, her human name is Henry Creel, and she was the first person Dr. Brenner experimented on. This is one of the bloodiest villains who finishes off his victims, first by making them float and then bending their joints until they fall to the ground. Something terrifying and cruel indeed.

Once we already know Vecna we can tell that if there is a scene that in this fourth season has gone viral is the one starring Max (Sadie Sink). At one point in one of the chapters, the young woman is trapped in the Upside Down and is being chased by Vecna. In this tense moment there is only one thing that saves her. The Music. Max manages to survive thanks to the song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things or if you’re not, but you have an imagination for life, we suggest you put yourself in Max’s place. What song or songs could save you? Well, Spotify gives you the answer and we explain how to find the songs that would save you from Vecna from Stranger Things in your Spotify.

We do not make you wait any longer, to know how to find the songs that would save you from Vecna from Stranger Things in your Spotify follow the steps that we show you below:  

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device or in your web browser.
  • At the bottom of your mobile screen click on the “Search” icon which is displayed with a magnifying glass.
  • Now in the search box type “Upside Down Playlist”.
  • Click on the first result that appears, which is a list.
  • Now you will discover your playlist that will help you to escape from Vecna.

Upside Down Playlist On Spotify

You’ve already seen how to find the songs that would save you from Vecna from Stranger Things on your Spotify through Upside Down Playlist on Spotify.

Surely the 50 songs that appear on this list are not entirely unknown to you, what’s more, many of them may be among your favorite Spotify songs. And is that the platform recreates this list completely customized with each user and shows you the songs you listen to most that at the same time are the ones that would save you in the event that Vecna decided to attack you mercilessly.

This is not the first time Spotify does something special with the boom of the Stranger Things series. Already in 2018, it created a Stranger Things mode that contained up to 58 hits from the 80s, the decade in which the series is set. A list that at the time had 3 hours and 45 minutes of music.

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