How to send an Evite message with invitations and e-cards?

Find out how to send an Evite message with invitations. Evite is an e-card personalization platform designed to create and send invitations through its website, this software offers both free and premium services, to use the latter you must pay a monthly fee by registering on Evite’s official website.

You can also use the platform for free, just keep in mind that this service is limited. As for the designs and formats you want to use, the number of cards you can send is also restricted. 

That said, we just have to unleash our creativity and start inviting our family, friends and co-workers to the special meeting. Here we will show you how to set up an account in Evite, the messaging options provided by the platform among other things.

What is the right way to set up an Evite account in order to send a message?

Evite’s interface is very simple and easy to use, so you don’t need to be a technology expert or an experienced designer to use it, you can even send an invitation without being registered, but it is recommended that you register on the page to gain access to more invitations and its huge digital album.

Following these simple steps and after providing some basic personal information, we can register on the page as follows.

  • Open the web browser of your choice and go to the official Evite website.
  • In the upper left corner, click on register.
  • Fill in the information requested and click on ‘Register’ again.
  • Once registered on the platform, click on ‘Menu’ and explore the list of events that best suits your needs.
  • Once the previous step is completed, we will be taken to the design window.
  • Once we have chosen the design of our preference, the ‘Configuration’ tab will be enabled.
  • We press the ‘Include details’ button with this option we can attach surveys and a list of what to bring to the meeting.
  • Finally, we add the guests, we have the possibility to import the contacts to link them with Evite or add them manually.
  • When we have finished adding our guests, we select the ‘Preview Invitation’ button to confirm that everything is in order.
  • We click the ‘Finish and send’ button and right away your friends will receive the invitation.

Tips to keep in mind: In the Evite toolbar there are filtering options to make your work easier and faster, in which we can find, free format, variety of themes, animation and the Premium designs. You can also allow guests to send donation or gift cards.

If you just want to try the platform, without the need to register, on the main page we will click on ‘Create free invitation’ and proceed to edit our e-card.

What messaging options does Evite have for its users?

The platform offers you the alternative of sending individual and group messages to the guests of a particular event, just follow the instructions below to do so.

Individual message

If we want to send messages to a single guest, we must first log in to our account, scroll to the event we want and click on it. At the bottom we tap the messages function and select the blue message icon.

Then we look for the guest to whom we want to send the message directly, select him/her, proceed to compose the text and finally hit send. This conversation will remain private only between you and your guest.

Group message

With this option, the best of all is that each guest will receive the message individually and it does not appear as a group message, you can also know who has received the message and who has already read it.

Likewise, if the guest wants to reply to your message the conversation will remain in a private chat as an individual conversation. Here is what you need to do to achieve this.

  • Log in to the Evite account.
  • Select the ‘Messages’ tab, this is located on the left side of the page.
  • Select all the guests, type the message and hit send.
  • What are the alternative methods to send a message on Evite?
  • Evite is a versatile platform, which despite being so many years old has been adapting to technological changes, including its mobile application for Android and iPhone.

It allows event planners to share invitation images via email such as Gmail, text messaging, or through links to social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

There is an alternative method that allows us to transmit a message via the ‘New Messages’ option. We select the start a new message button, add two or more guests and choose ‘Start broadcast message’.

Is it possible to resend invitations in Evite?

If for some reason your guests did not receive the card or you simply want to include an updated one, Evite gives you the option to resend the invitation, we just need to log in to our account and follow the steps below.

  • We go to the ‘My events’ tab, here we will find the list of the events we have saved.
  • Select the event to which you want to resend the invitation.
  • Click on ‘More’, the drop-down menu will appear and select ‘Manage invitation’.
  • In the control panel section we select ‘Message Invitees’.
  • We can see that there is a separate section that allows us to filter the invitees according to their attendance response. We choose the invitees by checking the box in front of their name.

Finally we type the subject and the message that accompanies the invitation and click send.

If you are familiar with using online image editing programs such as Canva, we invite you to try Evite as well, you will surely love everything it has to offer.

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