How To Quickly Search Google Chrome From Your Android Desktop

Learning how to quickly do a search in Google Chrome from your Android desktop will make finding the information you want take less time.

When we want to search for an information on mobile, it is easy that speed is an important point to take into account. Therefore, learning how to quickly do a search on Google Chrome from your Android desktop is something that can be of vital importance.

We have several ways to be able to do a search without having to enter the Chrome app. One of them can be to perform the search through the Google Assistant. This way you can find the necessary information with just your voice.

To do this, all you have to do is activate the assistant. You can do it by voice command, simply saying OK, Google in front of your phone. Another way is to hold down the center button on your smartphone screen for a couple of seconds. Once the assistant is open and active, you just have to ask the question you want. If it is a short and specific question, the wizard will give you an answer. If not, it will show you the search results of what it has found with your question.

And a second way to search through the desktop of your Android is through the Google widget. This is a search box that we find on the home screen. In it we can write what we want and we will find a quick result. You will also find next to this box a microphone. By clicking on it, we can do a voice search. This widget is installed by default on a large number of cell phones. But if this is not your case, you have the option of leaving your finger pressed on the screen. There you can see all the widgets you have available and then place it wherever you want.

Remember that in order to place a widget you need to have space on the screen, so you may have to move some of the icons.

How To Use The New Google Chrome Widgets On Android

Now that we have mentioned the Google widget, we do not want to miss another option that will allow you to search and navigate quickly and comfortably. And it is to learn how to use the new Google Chrome widgets on Android. And is that Chrome has recently launched new widgets that have more options than the traditional Google widget, and that can be one of the most comfortable ways to navigate.

The new widget that Google has launched has five parts. One of them is the search box. This section works exactly the same as the one we mentioned in the previous section. The only thing you will have to do is to enter the necessary text. You will also find an icon with a microphone that will serve you to make voice searches, in the same way as in the old widget.

The new features are found in three buttons: one with a camera icon, another with the incognito mode symbol and another with the popular dinosaur that appears when we are offline. The camera icon gives us direct access to Google Lens, so that we can search for information related to the images we see on the camera. And the incognito button will allow us to take photos directly in incognito mode, so that there is no trace of our activity in the browser.

Probably the most fun is the dinosaur button. And when we click on it we go directly to the dinosaur game that Google Chrome offers us when we have no Internet connection. It will no longer be necessary to put the phone in airplane mode when we want to enjoy this popular and simple game. Now we have it just one touch away by simply clicking on this widget.

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