How to download games on Xbox X or S Series in the background? – Save energy

Almost all game consoles come with a slot to insert CDS with games. Xbox Series also contain these slots, but people rarely play video games from a CD. Nowadays, all games for consoles are downloaded for more enjoyment.

This is logical, as the game data is safer inside the console storage and never fails. Afterwards, we are going to show you how to install a game on your Xbox Series, what to keep in mind before installing a game on your Xbox Series and more.

What aspects should you take into account when downloading a game on Xbox X or S Series?

What has to do with downloading games on Xbox Series is a simple thing that can be done by following a few guidelines. However, before proceeding with the installation of any game, you must take into account certain very important things so that the game can be installed.

There are at least two things to think about. The first is what concerns the memory of your console and the second thing is the permissions that the game needs. If you are interested in knowing more about these two things, pay attention to the next two subtopics.

In them we will explain the importance of taking certain things into account when downloading a game for the console. By the way, it is important for you to know that with the Xbox Series you can listen to music while you play.

The memory capacity of your device

The first thing to take into account is the memory that your console has available. Depending on the type of console you have, these can have 2 GB of storage up to 10 GB. Xbox X Series consoles have a total of 2 GB for storing games and applications.

On the other hand, the Xbox S Series console has a total of about 10 GB to store games or applications. It is very important that you pay attention to the storage of your Xbox, as you cannot run out of storage to save the data of other of your games.

If you see that by installing a game your console will be completely out of memory or will have little storage left, the best thing to do is not to install anything or delete some applications. This way, you will not overload the console’s system and the console will always work well.

Talking more about the Xbox Series, it is good that you keep in mind that sometimes the controllers present certain failures or problems. In these cases, you should reset it to solve the problem that is present.

The permissions required by the game on your console

The last thing you should think about before downloading a game is what has to do with the permissions required by the game. However, the permissions are never a problem, because if you see that they are not so important permissions, just grant them to the game and that’s it, that’s all.

Having all this kind of details in mind, we can proceed to explain you how to download a game inside the Xbox Series console.

How to configure your Xbox X or S Series console for background downloading?

If you want to download a game on your Xbox Series you need to go through configuring the console. Doing this is very simple, just follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on your Xbox
  • Download or update the Xbox app
  • Then, go to the application
  • Search for the game you want to download
  • Put it to download
  • Press the ‘X’ button
  • Open the Guide and open another task

By doing this, it will be possible to download the game in the background while you play or while using an application. It should be noted that with Xbox Series consoles you can download Minecraft in the latest version to play it as many times as you want.

How to download games on Xbox X or S Series with the console turned off?

If you want to download a game with your Xbox Series console turned off, you must follow each of the instructions we will give you in the following procedure:

  • Turn on your Xbox Series console
  • Go to the console dashboard
  • Look for the ‘Console Settings’ option
  • Select the ‘Startup/Shutdown’ section
  • Activate the option ‘Download updates when the console is off’.
  • To finish, just download the game and turn off the console.

This is how to download games to your Xbox Series console when it is turned off. In case you have problems downloading your game while the console is turned off, you can go to the Xbox support website.

How to download games on Xbox X or S Series remotely?

To download games properly on an Xbox Series, all you have to do is go into the Xbox app on your phone, sync it with the console, search for the game and set it to download. That’s the correct way to download a game remotely to your device.

What other Xbox X or S Series features are available in the background?

The other Xbox Series features that are available in the background are, for example, the one to listen to music and the one to download movies on Netflix. Also the one that allows you to receive messages from your favorite social network.

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