How to listen to music on my Echo Dot with any paid and free platform.

By default, Alexa plays music through Amazon Music since it is its native player; however, you have the option to link it with Echo Dot other music services that are more practical for you, such as Spotify. If you have an account in this application and do not know how to listen to it through Alexa, we will tell you how to do it. 

What music platforms can be accessed with Alexa?

Although Alexa is a special tool from Amazon, it has the ability to link to other music platforms.

This prior linking process is usually not problematic and is easily accomplished. You go to talk a little about the two most used platforms, one of them is Amazon Music that by default comes linked to Alexa and the other is Spotify, which although it does not come linked, we will show you how to do it. 

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music streaming and online store, at first it started as a paid platform but today it works for free although it has its premium version. It comes directly linked to Alexa and to enjoy it you just have to open an account from its App that you can download directly from the Play Store. 

In Spotify

When you enter the Alexa settings you can realize that it has the option of music service through Spotify but it is not a linked account, this means that you must add your account to the settings to be able to listen to it. 

How to listen to free music with Amazon Echo Dot?

Listening to free music on your Amazon Echo Dot is possible, both from the Amazon Music platform and Spotify you just have to link this service to your Amazon Echo Dot.

To do this you have to first access the Alexa app, then go to the settings until you reach the ‘Settings’ section, here you will have to scroll down until you find the section that says ‘Music’, press the (+) icon that appears within that tab, select the Spotify option and proceed to add your account regardless of whether it is premium or not. 

Once your Spotify account is associated with the Amazon Dot you can listen to all the music you want without having to pay for it. You can choose from all the playlists listed on Spotify which they name ‘The Best’.

How do the devices connect via Bluetooth to play music?

In order to listen to music from your Amazon Echo Dot you need to first pair it to the player device which is usually a cell phone. You can connect your Amazon Echo Dot to an iPhone or Android using voice to ask Alexa or you can also do it manually, either way, we explain below. 

To use voice just say ‘Alexa Pair’, against this the speaker will let you know when it is ready by saying ‘Ready to Pair’.

Once you are announced that pairing is possible you have to head to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select the name of the Echo Dot to start the pairing process. 

Wait a few minutes for the process to take place and everything will be ready when Alexa says: ‘Connected to Bluetooth’. As you can see, it’s as easy a process as connecting via Bluetooth to a PC.

It is important to know that for this process to take place you first have to configure Alexa from its main page. To do this you have to, activate the pairing mode.

Then on your phone open the ‘Alexa’ app, go to the option that says ‘Select device’, press on ‘Echo and Alexa’, select your device and press where it says ‘Bluetooth devices’ and then ‘Pair a new device’, you just have to wait a few seconds and you’re done. 

How to play radio stations on Amazon Echo Dot?

  • Log in from your mobile device to the Amazon Alexa App.
  • Click on the tab that says ‘Play’.
  • Locate and select the option that says ‘Browse Music’.
  • At the top of the screen you will have to select the speaker on which you want to listen to the station. 
  • Then you will select ‘TuneIn’. This is the default radio directory used by the Amazon Echo.
  • Now you just have to browse the radio stations that appear and you’re done.
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