How to forward a ‘Chain Mail’ per Gmail message? – Mobile and PC guide

Undoubtedly Gmail is one of the most used emails in the world, since through an account of this we can access all the tools of Google Chrome account, thus being able to use all the features it has.

But it is no secret that many times we do not know how to organize our inbox, since it houses all kinds of mail either institutional or commercial, and we find it very stressful, because there are lots of emails.

In addition, in many occasions, we want to send a chain of messages, what we have inside the inbox and we do not know how to do it. It was for these reasons that we decided to create this little guide; where you can learn how to forward those messages in an easy and simple way.

What to consider when forwarding chain mails?

Before you start forwarding all the emails, you must have the Multi Forward for Gmail extension, which means that you can send several emails at the same time from Gmail.

 This means that you will no longer have to search email by email, and then forward it to another email, since, through this extension you can select all those emails and forward them easily in one.

How do I forward a chain of emails in Gmail?

To forward a chain email in Gmail is very easy, however, it is very important that you have your email well organized, this way you can find that chain network more easily and so we can forward to the desired person or email.

Now, to send this chain mail in Gmail, there are two ways you can do it, one through its mobile application, another from its website, and to do this you must follow the steps that I am going to tell you below.

On your Android or iOS cell phone

If you want to resend the chain of messages from your cell phone, you should first enter the Gmail application, and search for the email you are going to forward. 

After this, go to the Gmail application, then open the email and go to the bottom where it says forward, then you must insert the contact you want to receive the email chain, and in this way you can share the email with another person.

From a Computer

To forward the email chain from the computer, the first thing you must do is enter your browser and look for the official Gmail page.

After that you will log in to your account, and if you already have an account, simply log in to it, then search for the email string you want to send either to another Gmail user or send it to a Hotmail user. 

After this you must go to the top of the screen where you will find three little dots, and click where it says forward emails, this way you will be able to share this email with other users.

How to forward automated message chains in Gmail?

In Gmail there are different ways to forward your automated messages, which are generally always done in the ways explained above. 

However, there are also other shortcuts, which are useful for forwarding these emails in an easy way, but keep in mind that you can only forward a single chain of emails, since several emails cannot be shared at the same time.

Google Chrome Extension

As I mentioned earlier, the extension to forward the Gmail email chain to a specific email, and to use the Multi Forward for Gmail extension, you must follow the following steps: 

Once you have installed the extension in your browser, go to Gmail and select the emails you want to forward, then you will go to the top of the screen, and right next to the marble, press the little arrow that is there.

Later you will have to place the mail that you are going to forward these e-mails; and then you give him to send, this way we can send all the quantity of mails that you want to transport towards another mail or towards another addressee.

Mail configuration

To configure the mail forwarding option from your Gmail account enter Gmail web page and then you are going to go to the configuration, (⚙), Next when you are in all the settings you are going to give it where it says (Forwarding and POP /IMAP mail).

Subsequent to these you will have to carry out all the steps that this one requested you, like adding the sender mail, from that time you want that the mails are sent, to conserve the security copy of the mails, among others.