How to make stickers for telegram

Do you want to make your own stickers and use them on Telegram? We tell you how to make them.

If you are one of those who use stickers to accompany any text in Telegram, but you’re tired of always seeing the same ones we tell you how to make stickers for Telegram easily.

Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications behind WhatsApp. The application stands out for its extensive features among which are the secret chats, the self-destruction of messages, or sending good quality images.

In addition, stickers or stickers in chats work particularly well in Telegram. Stickers are small images that show something in a fun way and give many more options than emojis. If you are tired of the ones that come by default in Telegram we show you how to make stickers for Telegram.

To learn how to make stickers for Telegram follow the steps we give you below. First, you have to create an image in an editor like Gimp, Photoshop, etc. This image must be in PNG format with transparent background, 512 px x 512 px in size and weigh no more than 512 kB.

Once you have the image ready let’s take it to Telegram. Open the app and click on the square icon you have at the top of the screen, under “new message”. In the search box type @stickers and click on the bot you get. This bot is for making your own stickers.

Now start the conversation and use the command: /newpack to create the new sticker catalog. Name the pack and upload it. Then you will have to assign it to an emoji to make it more identifiable. Finally, publish your pack and get the link to share.

How to make icons for telegram

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Now that you know how to make stickers for Telegram, we also show you how to make icons for this messaging application.

We are going to make them through Iconizer, a tool to create icons online easily and quickly. Open the website by clicking here and then choose “From computer” to choose an image from your device that will become the icon.

Then click on “upload” and wait while the image is being processed. Now a screen will open where you will be able to customize the icon background, colors, etc. In addition, you will be able to choose the file type you want it to be exported as. As it is a file for Telegram it is best to export it in PNG format.

The free Iconizer service only lets you customize the icon for 10 minutes. For more time you must register on the platform. Once you have the icon to your liking download it via the “Download” button.

How to Create animated Stickers in Telegram

To know how to create animated stickers in Telegram you must first know a number of necessary requirements. To create the sticker you will need vector software like Adobe After Effects.

You will also need a plugin for After Effects called Bodymovin-TG that exports the animation in TGS format. When you have the animation created and exported with After Effects we will tell you how you can upload the sticker to Telegram.

Open the Telegram application and start the @stickers bot. Then start a conversation with the command /newstickersannimated. Give the pack a name and then upload your animated sticker. Then follow the steps to publish it and Telegram will give you a link to share it with your friends and family.

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