How do I view all unread messages in my Gmail inbox?

Learn how do I view all unread messages in my Gmail inbox. Gmail is one of the most widely used emails in the world, since it offers a variety of functions such as accessing your YouTube profile, if you have a channel, or making a blog with Blogger, and in turn monetize it. 

Now then, we know that it’s so extenuating to enter your email and see the tray full of unread and unwanted emails, and we want to delete it, but there are many, right? Don’t worry, because today, we are going to give you all the steps you should follow to be able to sort your inbox, so you can identify those unread emails, and delete or open them.

What search tool does Gmail offer to view messages?

In order to access the Gmail search tools, the first step you need to take is to log in to your Gmail account, then go to its search bar. After you are here, you can search for those emails, either by the sender’s name, the sender’s email, the name of the copy of the email, or the person you sent it to, by keywords.

However, this is not the only way we have to search for these emails, as there is another way. It is necessary to emphasize, that in many occasions these emails are sent by permissions that we give them to certain applications.

Maintaining your privacy and denying permissions is also important to avoid all this. Very well, to be able to do all this that I have just mentioned, you will have to follow the steps that next I am going to describe you.

Privacy settings

To configure the privacy and permissions of your Gmail, you must enable the permissions in the privacy settings option. You will be redirected to the page where the applications that have access to your email appear.

To deny these accesses simply, you will have to choose the page or application, followed of this you will give him in the option of, to eliminate it, then a warning will appear to you, which you will have to give him in ok.

Shortcuts for Gmail messages

The line shortcuts are not only to find those unwanted emails, but also to find those with networks that you have read the messages and in this way you will be able to organize your inbox. And to find this, simply log in to your Gmail inbox, and then it will appear at the top specifically below the search bar, where there is an icon like a square. 

Then, select which emails you want to see, after that Gmail will select the emails, which can be deleted, delayed, moved to a folder, labeled, or placed as already read. 

However, this action can be done not only on a computer, but also on your cell phone using the Gmail application.

What are the steps to follow to find unread messages?

As we mentioned before, in Gmail there are many filters, in which you can get these unread messages; one of these is the already mentioned the box option, which when you choose the option you want to get, it will select those unread messages. 

You can then identify which email you want to read, and thus be able to forward or reply to that email. At the same time you can also use them to eliminate these unwanted mails, or that occupy a lot of space in your inbox; and do not let enter the mails that really interest you.

How to filter unread messages in your Gmail email?

In order to filter unread messages in your Gmail, there are two ways, one is through the little box, and the other is through the Gmail settings.

This first one we already know how to use it, since it was explained previously, now; to be able to configure the unread messages to appear first in the first options, you must go to the top right of your screen where you will find the gear option ⚙. 

Then, the Gmail shortcuts will appear, so you must select the option to show the unread messages first, in this way you will have your Gmail inbox organized, and when you enter again, you will identify which are the unread messages in your inbox.

How to delete unread emails?

Once you have configured your Gmail you will have to go to your inbox and you will have two options to delete these messages, the first one as we have already mentioned, by clicking on that option. Then select the unread and then go to the top of the screen just below the search bar and click on the option of the trash can. This way you will have eliminated most of the unread emails. 

The other way to delete it would be to select the email you want to delete and do the same procedure. That is to say, you will go to the top of the screen and select the trash can option.

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