Amazon Prime Photos: The Alternative To Google Photos

Learn about Amazon Prime Photos. Everyone with a smartphone can take good photos these days. In fact, we have it so close at hand that we usually end up filling our devices to the brim. Having a space in the cloud means not having to give up your images and also being able to access them from any device. Surely you are familiar with Google Photos, but it has a competitor: Amazon Prime Photos, an interesting alternative to consider. We tell you how to use it.

What is Amazon Prime Photos

As we said, Amazon Prime Photos is an image storage service in the cloud. It is a service that the big ecommerce offers to users with an Amazon Prime account.

It is a very interesting alternative to Google Photos. Both have similarities and some differences. Let’s delve into the differential service offered by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon if you are a Prime user.

What does Prime Photos offer?

The Amazon Prime Photos service lets you upload uncompressed photo files. This means that the quality will not be affected at all by the upload and that once you want to recover you will have the same features with which you hosted them in the cloud. Nor will you have upload limits with your Amazon Prime subscription.

Through its own app, you can access them at any time or add new images to your collection. In addition, and in relation to the previous section, it offers compatibility with one of the heaviest formats of all: RAW. This extension does not compress anything at all. This means that the photograph takes longer to be “made”, but in exchange the quality is unquestionable.

If we talk about compatibility we have to talk about its operation with the company’s hardware. Devices like the Amazon Fire are compatible with this application. This will allow you to see on your TV the photos you have in the cloud. You can also share them with whomever you want.

As far as the available storage is concerned, Amazon Prime Photos can be scarce if you want to store video clips. Its capacity is 5 GB. However, hiring extra storage is not very expensive and you can have an additional 100 GB to upload much more content.

Of course, Amazon’s application does not want to lose pace with its great rival Google as far as artificial intelligence is concerned. And it is possible to use the service’s AI to better catalog your images according to what appears in them.

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