BOMB CRYPTO: How to earn money with the NFT game that is on the rise

BOMB CRYPTO is one of today’s top NFT games. Understand how the game works and learn how you can profit from the title!

NFT games are on the rise. The idea of having the chance to earn money while playing is something that calls the attention of many players, who are interested in the idea of joining something fun with a profit that can be considerable. More and more People are willing to invest their time in NFT games, with the profit that can be earned varying according to the game, time spent on the title, and other issues. In this scenario, BOMB CRYPTO appears as one of the main NFT games of today.


The success of BOMB CRYPTO among players may have an explanation beyond the opportunity to make money. The NFT game is inspired by the great classic Bomberman and has many elements and characteristics of this videogame hit. In BOMB CRYPTO the characters are trapped in a maze, while they must break blocks to move around.

There is no download required, and the title can be played directly from the browser.

Investment to get started in the game

The characters in BOMB KRYPTO are divided into rarity types, so the player can use the most common or the rarest ones. The higher the rarity of the character, the stronger it is. It is worth remembering that the characters have different abilities.

To start earning money with the game, you first need to invest in the title. To get a character you need to buy the currency BCOIN (Bombcrypto). 

With 10 BCOINS you can get a character with random rarity, and you can get either a common character or a super legendary character. In a rounded way, your investment to get started in the game will be around $390.00.

The profit after the investment

Investing 10 BCOINS in the game and taking only one common character in random rarity, it takes about 30 to 40 days to recover your initial investment in the title. However, there are ways to increase the monthly profit.

In Treasure Hunt mode, your characters automatically destroy chests and blocks as they search for rewards. For each chest, the player gets a reward that can be used to buy even more characters, which will increase the amount of BCOINS you can receive per day. Currently, if you have about 11 to 13 characters with at least three rare or one rare and one super rare, you get an average of 5 BCOINS per day, which is equivalent to about $ 5900.00 per month (150 BCOINS). Remember, you need to accumulate 40 BCOINS to withdraw the money.

It all depends on the value of the currency

It is not possible to say that the numbers will remain as quoted here, since the coin value can change both up and down, as it happens with many NFT coins. The monthly profit will be according to the value at which the BCOIN is held.

It is also important to remember that the profit varies according to how many characters each player owns, as well as the rarity of each character.

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