How To Import Google Chrome Bookmarks On Android

Learn how to import Google Chrome bookmarks. No need to spend time adding new bookmarks one by one. Discover how to import Google Chrome bookmarks on Android.

The hybrid era in which we move today forces us to have our office and much of our life between the computer and mobile, so it is important to know how to import Google Chrome bookmarks on Android. This way we can have faster access to the pages we use the most when we have to search for some information from the mobile and we do not find ourselves with the desktop or laptop at hand.

Usually, when installing Google Chrome the first thing we do is to synchronize our Google account, which allows bookmarks to be transferred automatically from one device to the other. In case this doesn’t happen on its own, in this article we will tell you the way forward to fix it and import your bookmarks and favorite websites on your Android device.

When logging into Google Chrome we can make sure that we are logged into our account if we see our Google user picture in the top bar. To access the bookmarks, we press the icon with three dots that we find on the right side of the screen and access ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Synchronization’ (which should be activated) and make sure that the ‘Synchronize all’ tab is checked, or at least that the ‘Bookmarks’ tab is checked, in case we want to make a more precise selection.

How To Recover Google Chrome Bookmarks In Android

Sometimes we delete by mistake some of the pages that we have saved in the bookmarks, which leads us to wonder how to recover Google Chrome bookmarks on Android. If the deletion has occurred at that very moment as a result of an error, it is possible to avoid it immediately, since the ‘Undo’ option appears for a few seconds at the bottom of the screen. Of course, you have to do it very quickly, since Chrome does not give us too much reaction time.

Did the bar disappear? If it is a bookmark imported from your Google Chrome account and not one that was saved specifically on the mobile, you can stop the synchronization and clear all user data. Upon re-login, if that bookmark has not been deleted on other devices, it is possible to make it available again.

The last alternative, much more artisanal, is to access the page in question again and resave it as one of your favorite links in bookmarks. To do this, when accessing the site, click on the icon with the three dots and then on the icon with the star to make it part of the bookmarks again.

Where To Save Google Chrome Bookmarks In Android

Unlike the desktop version, where we can choose where to place each bookmark at first, the process of setting where Google Chrome bookmarks are saved on Android is automatic. By marking a page with the star to save it in the app, they will all default to a folder called ‘Mobile Bookmarks’, which can end up causing a backlog that is difficult to manage.

For this, it is convenient to move them to the folders that most interest us. When we enter this ‘Mobile bookmarks’ folder, we click on the icon with three dots that appears on the right side of the page we want to relocate and click on ‘Move to’. So you can decide where to place that new bookmark so that it is much more findable and organized in our browser, and also synchronize it with the other devices to access it in Chrome from the computer or tablet.

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