How To Make A Counteroffer On Wallapop | Guide

Discover how you can make counter offers for any product for sale on Wallapop.

Wallapop has become the leading Spanish app for buying and selling second hand products. The good thing is that in this app you can offer the seller a lower price for a product and if he accepts it you get the item cheaper for it you must know how to make a counteroffer on Wallapop. Below, we explain it to you.

With 15 million users, Wallapop is one of the most used platforms for buying and selling second-hand items. Thousands of ads are published every day with items of all kinds and with different price ranges.

When buyers who access Wallapop are interested in an item that is for sale, they usually seek to lower the price of the product in order to get what they want in an even cheaper way. This action of bargaining the price on Wallapop is carried out through the so-called counter offers.

To know how to make a counteroffer on Wallapop the first thing you have to do is to locate the item for which you are going to make the offer at a lower price. If you have the option to “buy” directly enter it. At the bottom of the order summary should appear counteroffer. Click there and enter the amount of money you are offering for the product.

In many cases the counteroffer button does not appear on the items, but that does not mean that it cannot be done. Another way to know how to make a counteroffer on Wallapop is through the chat. Enter the item you are interested in and click on the “chat” button. Then write a message to the seller with the economic offer you make for the item.

In both cases it will be the seller who will reply rejecting or accepting the offer you have made for the item. Keep in mind that if the difference between the offer and the selling price is high, the counteroffer will most likely be rejected.

Why Can’t I Make A Counteroffer On Wallapop?

You have already seen how to make a counteroffer on Wallapop, but if you do not see the button to do this type of action you may wonder: Why can not I make a counteroffer on Wallapop?

This happens in most cases because the seller does not give the possibility of being able to make offers for their products. As mentioned above, although you cannot make a counteroffer automatically through a button, you can make it through the chat.

4 Techniques To Bargain That You Should Use On Wallapop

You already know the steps to follow to know how to make a counteroffer on Wallapop, but do not forget to apply strategies so that the seller ends up accepting the offer you propose. Discover these 4 techniques to haggle that you should use on Wallapop and that will surely help you get what you want to buy.

  • Study the price of the product. Before proposing a discount, study well what the product is worth. Even look at the different options that other sellers give you on other platforms and argue your offer well.
  • Lower the starting price as much as possible. You should not make an offer for a ridiculous price. What you should suggest is the minimum you would pay for that item.
  • Be polite. Good manners always lead to more negotiation options. If you go with bad manners they will reject your counteroffer and you will not have any more options to negotiate.
  • Make the offer for items that have been on sale for a long time. When an item has been on sale for a long time and the seller wants to get rid of it, many times he accepts a low offer just to get the money and get rid of the item.
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