TikTok Closes by itself: Solutions

If your TikTok app closes for no reason, here’s how to fix it.

I open the application and TikTok closes by itself: solutions that we explain below to carry out if you are in this situation.

One of the most annoying things, when you use your mobile phone, is that you go to open any application and suddenly, for no apparent reason, it closes by itself and returns you to the screen with all the apps.

If among all these applications it has happened to you that TikTok closes by itself: solutions that you can apply to repair it and that we give you below.

One of the first solutions you have to do is to restart your cell phone. If you are wondering if you have come this far just to be told to restart the phone, as it is something very simple, keep in mind that the more we use the device the more processes are running and accumulating. Therefore, a reboot is necessary to shut down those processes that we no longer need.

Something important you should also do if TikTok closes by itself is to check that you have the latest version of the app because it may be that if you do not have it this is the reason why it does not work.

To check for updates on Android you must open the Play Store and click on the profile picture that you have at the top. Then click on “Manage apps and device” and “available updates”. Look at the list and if the TikTok app is there, update it. On iOS devices go to the App Store, click on your profile picture and you will see the available updates.

I can’t log in to TikTok

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If your problem is that you can’t log in to TikTok because even if you enter your data you get an error, you may have entered the wrong username, phone number, email, or password.

To solve this problem you can click on the question mark icon on the right side of the screen. There choose the theme that best suits the problem you are having with logging in to TikTok.

If none of the topics is the one that defines your problem click on “Other” and where it asks you: Is the problem solved? Click on “No”. A form will appear for you to state what is wrong and send it to the company. They will tell you how to fix it.

TikTok has stopped

TikTok has stopped, TikTok shuts itself down: solutions if all of the above have failed to make this social platform work.

If your TikTok app stops you may not have enough space on your phone to run it. To free up space in your device’s RAM in the form of closing apps.

In case you have an Android phone to close applications you have to press on the square icon that you have at the bottom of your screen and then on the white circle that has an X inside. Then try to enter TikTok again.

In iOS, if you have an iPhone before model X you must double tap on the home icon and then slide your finger on each of the apps to close them. If you have an iPhone X or later, swipe from the bottom up to the center of the screen. The carousel of open apps will open and swiping up will close them.

Problems with TikTok 2021

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If you are having problems with TikTok 2021 something may be wrong with your cell phone. If you have, for example, a mid-range or low-end device, it may be that the cache memory is full or that there is not enough RAM for the application to run normally.

It may also happen at a certain time that the TikTok servers fail and you cannot log in. In this circumstance, the error does not occur on your device but happens to all users of the platform. You will have to wait for them to be restored without having to take any action yourself.