Why doesn’t TikTok allow to follow more people? – Bugs and solutions

Learn why doesn’t Tiktok allow to follow more people. With over 500 million downloads worldwide, TikTok is one of the most popular apps today and allows you, not only to have fun, as making ‘Who’s Most Likely’ videos that can be seen by other users and even gives you the possibility to earn money with the monetization program it offers. Without a doubt

Like the rest of the social networks you can share, like and follow people. The latter with great caution, because if you follow people too often your account will be blocked. In this article we will clear up doubts and mention the possible reasons and solutions when we want to follow other accounts and we cannot reach our goal.

This setback of not being able to follow people in TikTok has become very common, due to the fact that it has affected a significant number of users with this same problem.

What is the reason for the ‘you are following too fast’ error on TikTok?

Surely you recently created an account on TikTok app and started following many people at one time, maybe you don’t have time with your TikTok account and you want to gain followers by following them first, then it happens that the App throws you the message where it alerts you that.

“You are following too fast”. TikTok may take the action of deactivating the account for 24 hours or more, and this is for the simple purpose of avoiding Spam.

We recommend that this action of ‘following people’ is not done so often, as you can exceed the maximum number of accounts to follow, and for this reason TikTok takes you as if you were a robot, categorizing you as an automaton user.

What are the causes of TikTok not letting you follow users?

One of the possible causes is usually that there is not a good connection on your phone, and if so, we recommend you to check your wifi connection; the next thing to do is to scroll the top shortcuts and check that you have activated the wifi network.

You can alternate with the data to verify if the error is solved and also put the airplane mode for a few seconds to try to solve it. It may also happen that the application is not working properly, as it is possibly an error that occurred at the time of execution of the program when we downloaded the App and there was an error in the compilation.

 For that, we consider it best to Reinstall TikTok; and a simple way to achieve this is from the Play Store, after searching for TikTok, we press uninstall. And once this is completed, we proceed to reinstall it.

How to unlock the ‘follow’ feature in the TikTok App?

Many people want to be able to follow other users, simply because you like their content and do not want to miss the latest of their publications, you may also have some family or friends.

If your goal is to follow many people so that it is reciprocal, but from one moment to another, you have this function to follow people ‘blocked’. You need to check with some tricks that we will show you below, maybe one of them is the one that will work for you. For that you have to follow the step by step:

Delete app cache.

We go to the menu of our phone, look for ‘settings’ where we will search for ‘applications’ followed by ‘application manager’. Once it loads all the applications that we have installed on our phone, we will look for ‘TikTok’ and press to enter.

We press on storage and then press where it says ‘clear cache’. This order usually varies. But it is relatively the same depending on the system of your device.

Updating TikTok to the latest version

Another possible solution is to update the TikTok application, one way to do this is by entering Play Store to check if we have updates available. If that is positive, the option to ‘update’ will appear and we click to proceed.

If none of the above works for you, we recommend that you Report the problem for TikTok to fix it. To report a problem we enter TikTok and click on the top 3 dots. Then click on ‘report a problem’. Click on ‘Follow/Like/Comment’. Here we click on ‘following/followers’.

Choose the option ‘I can’t follow other people’. Here you can see the tips that the App gives you and if you still have problems click on ‘I still have problems’. We can explain the error we have. Afterwards, click on ‘send’. The good thing about this last option is that the responses from the App are usually answered promptly when you make a report like this.

A very important fact, if you are a minor and your account is configured as a minor, it is forbidden to follow users who do not belong to your family, this is to protect the user from any attack or harassment that may occur within the application. Likewise, the action is reciprocal when they try to follow the profile account in question.

This TikTok security policy helps to protect the privacy of underage users. Parents can also have control of their children’s accounts through the ‘parent and guardian guide’ program offered by the application in order to protect underage users.