These Are The Secret Mini-Games You Can Find In Tiktok

What are the secret mini-games you can find in Tiktok? TikTok will include mini-games to play between videos. These are the secret mini-games you can find in TikTok.

TikTok not only allows you to share videos and stories, but also to share mini-games. These are the secret mini-games you can find in TikTok. The titles included are simple, as this is the first step of the social network to enter, in the medium term, the video game market. At the moment we can enjoy 9 different games completely free of charge.

The mini-games are exclusive to TikTok and the companies with which they have developed them, such as FRVR or Lotem. Each one belongs to a genre, although platforms predominate. These are the secret mini-games that you can find in TikTok.

  • RestZoo
  • Basketball FRVR
  • Tap The Difference
  • Peek a Who
  • Pride Run
  • Influencer Run
  • Space Destroyer
  • Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare
  • Kitten Force FRVR

We can share these mini-games by uploading content to TikTok. To do this we must click on the content creation button and take a photo or record a video (you can also select any content from our gallery). When the content is displayed, click on “Publish”. In this last tab we can add a description or tag people. Precisely under “Tag people” is “Add link”, if we click on it below a sub-tab will appear in which says “Mini-game”. Now all we have to do is click on it and select the game we want to share. You can share several games.

How To Play Tiktok Mini-Games

How to play the TikTok mini-games. When we upload the video, the viewers will be able to access the game, since the option to play will appear in the description. They simply click on it. It is not necessary that the uploaded content has the theme of the game, nor that it is a gameplay, since it is possible to add the game even if our video was a random choreography. Although this tool seems to be planned for users to upload gameplays where the link to the game is included.

As this is a new and revolutionary mechanic on the platform, it may cause problems. It is possible that when selecting the game it will not allow us to access it, but this is something that the app will solve in the short term so that everyone can enjoy them. In principle, the minigames seem to be available in both Android and iPhone versions of TikTok. Meanwhile, in the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, which is virtually identical but with another name, it is possible to enjoy the games since 2019. We will see what more surprises TikTok has in store for us in 2022

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