How to use TikTok for pc without an emulator in 2024

Learn how to use TikTok for PC without an emulator and take advantage of all the possibilities of its web and desktop version.

As much as we like to use applications on our mobile, we have to recognize that the convenience of using them on the computer is attractive. In this article, we will show you how to use TikTok for PC without an emulator in a very simple way, since, unlike other apps, the web version of TikTok has wide functionality and is very simple.

We will only have to enter our browser and type the URL, which will take us to the application’s website. As soon as we enter, we will see at the top right of our screen the ‘Login’ button, with which we can access our account as we have configured it (using our number, Google account, Facebook account, etc.). For greater security, we will find a verification process in which we will have to drag a puzzle piece to the corresponding hole.

Once we are inside our profile, we will be able to see our personalized feed with the videos that the platform recommends us to watch. In the menu on the right, we will be able to see the tiktokers we follow or the direct ones, and below it will recommend several accounts that could be of interest to us.

To upload videos from the PC in TikTok, we will have to click on the cloud icon in the top menu and it will take us to the screen where we can upload it and add its caption, cover, users who will be able to see it and share it. An advantage of TikTok over other social networks is that it has the option to ‘Schedule video‘ more visible, which is an advantage if we want to ensure that it is published with the highest quality at the most appropriate time for our followers.

TikTok offers us the possibility of using our profile both from the browser and from the desktop. If you prefer to have a shortcut on your desktop for convenience, at the bottom right of the screen we will find the button ‘Install the application‘, and a menu with the options ‘Get TikTok for desktop‘ and ‘Get the TikTok application‘ will be displayed.

Sometimes this menu offers only the possibility to install the application, so to get the option to install it on the desktop you may have to refresh the page several times or close and log in. The process of installing TikTok on your desktop is very quick. A separate browser window will open and a shortcut icon will be available for you to access your account directly.

How to download TikTok videos on your computer

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Those interested in how to download TikTok videos are in luck because there are several options at your disposal. We have tested three sites to download videos and all three have worked, so you can choose between,, or TikTok videos are also downloadable from download managers like JDownloader, so you can store your favorite videos without too much difficulty.

To download them, the only thing you will need is the URL of the video, since we will have to paste it in the text boxes that we will find on each download web page. To get the address, just right-click on each video and choose ‘Copy link address. The three websites are similar, so when we paste the link, we just have to click on the button to the right of the box to allow us to download it.

We can also get the URL of a video by accessing it directly (the URL will appear in the address bar of our browser), or by clicking on the share button, on the icon with the arrow that we find to the right of each video.

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