Is there Copyright in TikTok? Everthing Explained

We tell you everything you need to know about copyright in TikTok.

Have you ever wondered if copyright applies to TikTok? The video app has a very clear copyright policy. We tell you if there are copyrights in TikTok, how to know if a video violates them and how to use TikTok songs without copyright.

Yes, there is copyrighted content on TikTok. In fact, although TikTok can use your videos for commercial content when you post an original video, you are the author of that content. However, if your account is public and you have the Duos or Downloads options enabled, users will be able to share your video on social networks or save it in the gallery without infringing any copyright. However, you will be able to claim if a company or brand (except for TikTok) uses the same video for commercial purposes.

Just as your videos are copyrighted, the content you upload may also be subject to copyright, so you should be careful. For example, you may infringe copyright if you upload a video where a song plays in the background that is not in the app’s library or uses a video that is not yours to promote your brand or company.

If copyright infringement occurs, the video will be removed.

Why Tiktok puts my videos in review

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When a TikTok video is in review, it means that the platform is checking that the video does not violate any of the app’s policies. For example, it checks for sensitive content, content not recommended for minors, Spam, profanity, risqué scenes, illegal or criminal content, hate speech, copyright infringement, etc.

Not all videos go into the review, but if by chance your clip is in that process, it does not mean that it violates any of TikTok’s policies. They are simply checking that the video is suitable for posting. So, it’s not something you need to worry about. If the video does not violate any of the community rules, it will be posted to your profile.

Of course, you may have missed something that the app itself may consider offensive or in violation of its policy. If this is the case, TikTok may delete your video and not publish it on your profile.

How long does TikTok take to review a video? There is no exact time. In my case, I had a video in review for about 10 – 15 minutes. After that, the video was posted on my profile.

TikTok songs without copyright

If you have a personal account or creator account, you can use all the songs that appear in the TikTok library, as well as the audios that people post on the platform, as long as you keep in mind that they can be deleted for violating copyright rules.

It is recommended that you use the songs that are in the TikTok library and not the music that users publish. With the first option, you ensure that your video will keep the music. With the second option, it is likely that TikTok will remove the audio. In that case, the video will still be published, but the message “Audio not available” will appear.

To search for TikTok songs without copyright, click on the ‘+’ button and click on the option that says ‘Add sound’. All the songs and sounds that you can use in your videos will appear there.

If your TikTok account is a business account you should be very careful about the music you put in your videos, as it could be copyrighted. Also, most of the songs available in the app are not for commercial use. Therefore, only non-copyrighted music that can be used for commercial purposes will appear in the TikTok library.

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