How To View Incognito Mode History In Google Chrome On Your Cell Phone

Find out how to view Incognito mode history in Google Chrome. Do you use private browsing and want to know how to view incognito mode history in Google Chrome on mobile? Read on…

Do you know what Google private browsing is for? Before we dive into how to view the incognito mode history in Google Chrome on mobile, let’s explain point by point how to access this type of navigation, so that your searches are private. Look!

  • Log in to Google Chrome from your mobile.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right.
  • Select incognito mode, as shown in the image.
  • Once you click what you do from that moment on Google will be private, and will leave virtually no trace, except for some information that Google itself explains in detail. But what about the history? How to see the incognito mode history in Google Chrome on mobile? Let’s get to it.

How To View The Incognito Mode History In Google Chrome On Mobile

We anticipate you that there is no answer to how to view the incognito mode history in Google Chrome on mobile because, as the name itself indicates, it is a private activity. As Google itself states, when you enter this window to navigate Chrome will NOT save “your browsing history, cookies, website data and information entered in forms”.

So why, when you enter the private mode, do previous searches appear, Google suggests pages or your data appear in the forms, even the saved Google passwords? Very simple, the history that you access from incognito mode is the same as if you access normally. Google does save that data, and you can access it in incognito mode as well. However, if you enter a new site, or fill out a new form, that information will not be saved. Try it!

  • Go into your history and see what your last search was.
  • Go to incognito mode and do a different search.
  • Go back to your history: you will see that the last one you did before going into incognito mode is still displayed.
  • If the fact that you want to see the history of private searches on a device is that it is a minor; it is best to install some kind of parental controls for this. Otherwise, those searches will escape your control.

How To Remove Incognito Mode History From Google Chrome

If you have read the previous point, you will already have an idea of how to delete Google Chrome’s incognito mode history: “When you browse privately, other people using the device cannot see your history”, Google explains, therefore, it will not be necessary to delete it, since it was never saved.

However, you can delete your browsing history from Chrome, and the information you delete will not appear when you browse privately. What is saved and what do you have to take into account if you want to delete it? The documents you download from Google, which will be in your phone’s download folder, as well as everything you mark as favorites.

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