9 Free navigators: the Best to use on Android and iPhone

Are you looking for a good navigator for your smartphone, but are afraid of running into unreliable and inaccurate applications? You don’t have to worry at all, since we at ChimeraRevo have selected the best free navigators for Android and iPhone, to put you in the best conditions in case of travel. In fact, throughout the article, you’ll find several alternatives, all of them reliable and free. What you’ll have to do, then, is just choose the one that best suits your needs, download and install it on your smartphone and get on your way!

Google Maps

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When talking about navigators for smartphones you can’t help but think of Google Maps, one of the most used applications for navigation and transportation. With over 220 countries and territories mapped, Google Maps offers the user a complete and reliable user experience. Google’s Home app shows you the fastest/most convenient route, whether you’re driving, walking, or taking transit. In addition, you can also view activities (such as bars, restaurants, and cinemas) along the route and plan your trip perfectly. 

available for Android and iOS.

Google Maps Go

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Your Android device doesn’t have enough storage space to install Google Maps? No problem, since a lighter version is available that nevertheless integrates all the essential functions within it. Google Maps Go, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store, works optimally on any device and provides a complete and reliable service, both in terms of navigation (including offline) and public transport.

available for Android


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Waze is another excellent application, available for Android and iOS, to rely on if what you are looking for is a free navigator for smartphones, complete and reliable. Thanks to Waze you will always be updated on everything that happens on the roads, both in case of accidents and in case of works in progress. Waze will also always propose you the fastest route, so you’ll get to your destination as quickly as possible. Besides, you can compare all the service stations to find the most convenient one, as well as being able to listen to music or podcasts directly within the application.

available for Android and iOS.

Here WeGo

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If you’re looking for an app dedicated to navigating by car or public transportation that is very simple and feature-rich, then Here WeGo is definitely for you. The app, available for free for Android and iOS, shows all available routes to get to your destination, leaving the user free to choose which one to take. Moreover, you can plan your trip before you leave, to avoid any unforeseen events due to disorganization. Here WeGo guarantees the user a relaxing and pleasant journey, thanks also to the help of the voice assistant, which accompanies the driver throughout the journey.

available for Android and iOS


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Maps. me, thanks to its offline map system, will save you both battery and data traffic! The navigator for smartphones, available for Android and iOS, allows comfortable and safe travels, thanks to several functions that it makes available to users, such as the planning of trips (including stops and routes) and the presence of maps that are always up-to-date and complete with every element.

available for Android and iOS.


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Among the free navigation apps for smartphones, we also find MapFactor, a fantastic application available for Android and iOS. As seen also for the apps, you can create an itinerary of your trip, in which you can establish the stops and points of interest and be alerted in case of interruptions or roadblocks. Also, by purchasing the premium version, you can get additional features, including remote controls and alternate routes.

available for Android and iOS.


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Yandex.Navigator allows you to plot the optimal route for a trip, avoiding traffic jams, roadblocks, or roadworks. The app, available for Android and iOS, allows you to choose between different routes, according to your preferences. In addition, you can take advantage of the voice assistant for a safer and more responsible journey.

available for Android and iOS.


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Sygic is one of the most used and appreciated smartphone navigation applications by users, given its countless functions. The application, which is available for Android and iOS, presents maps (also available offline) of the entire world, constantly updated. Sygic will always propose you the best route to get you to your destination as soon as possible. Thanks to the free navigator for smartphones, you can also compare fuel prices and avoid speeding fines thanks to the constant alerts you receive.

available for Android and iOS.


We conclude the list of the best free navigators for smartphones with OsmAnd, which offers a lot of travel features to users including:

  • Online/offline navigation
  • Voice assistant for safer driving
  • Alerts in case of roadworks or detours
  • Create and manage travel itineraries
  • Excursion routes (walking or cycling)
  • Public transport navigation

OsmAnd is available for Android and iOS.