How to trim MP3 song clips using websites or programs?

In case you need to cut certain fragments of songs in preferably MP3 format and not MP4, you should know that you can make use of online programs or websites. On the other hand, there are free applications that allow you to do this.

One of them is Audacity, which we will talk about later. On the other hand, you can also learn how to trim songs online, and how to paste those small fragments to other songs from your mobile device.

How to cut an MP3 song with a free editing application?

Within the internet, you can find different apps to cut a song. Either because you want to have a ringtone, because you just want to listen to a small fragment of the song or simply because you want to use it for a video.

Regardless of the application you are going to use, you should know that all of them are simple, they are not complicated, since normally what you have to do is to add the song and choose where you want to cut the file, then you have to select the save option.

Although we will only talk about some specific applications, it is necessary to mention that you can also use others, such as the following ones:

    • MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger: You will find this application for devices with Android operating system, it is very easy to use, since you can choose where to cut the audio. It also has the additional function of joining fragments with other tracks.
    • WavePad: It is available for both Android and iOS, through the play or app store you can use it to cut and paste tracks, join with other fragments of songs and also amplify or place echo when you want. Although it is paid, you will be able to use the free version.
    • Using ‘Audacity: It is a totally free software, as well as, it stands out for being a completely free application. You can download Audacity on your mobile and take advantage of all its benefits from your device.

The best part is that you can use different tools to edit audio tracks. You can trim the fragments of your favorite songs and merge them with the others. However, when doing it under the MP3 format, which all the applications have, you need a complement called Lame.

What should you do to cut MP3 songs online?

If you want to cut a song and you have little storage space on your mobile. Or maybe you do not want to download an additional application to do this, the best thing you can do is to opt for those online platforms that you will find.

It is worth mentioning that, these platforms, you can use them for free, and their use is quite simple. Thus, some of the platforms that you can use are:

Cut Audio: In this platform, you will only have to upload the audio and there you will have to cut it. You can set both the beginning and the end of the song. The best part is that you can also add videos and extract the audio from there.

OcenAudio: It is one of the most complete websites to make these cuts. Not only because it offers several alternatives, but also because it is easy to use. In addition, it is totally free and you can use effects for your songs, so you will give a more personalized touch to the cuts you make.

With the Web ‘Audio Trimmer

This platform was created with the purpose of allowing all users to cut the audios of the songs in a simple way. You don’t need to install an application and you don’t need to register. By simply entering the official Audio Trimmer website you will be able to access all the options.

To use it, you just have to add the audio file and then choose among the different options you have. The only limitation you may have when using this platform is that if you have a song that exceeds 100 MB, you will not be able to add it.

As soon as you add the file, you will be able to see and choose the cuts you make to the songs, after that, you can download the fragment of the audio you cut.

From ‘Cut Audio

If the platform or website that you are going to use is Audio Cutter, the way it is used may change a bit. You should know that you can also look for it as MP3Cut, as well as it is also listed as Audio Cutter.

In this case, after you add the audio, you will be able to establish from where you want to cut it and what would be the end of the fragment. You have at your disposal, more than 300 formats, among these there are many audio and video formats.

It may seem similar to the others, but the real advantage or benefit you can get is that you will have more than three output formats. That is to say, you can choose between them. Without leaving aside that, it is feasible to choose to increase and decrease the sound in case you want it, in this way you can hear the fragment better, and not as a radical cut.

How to cut the audio of a song to join it to another track from your mobile?

It may be that in addition to cutting an audio, to convert it into a small fragment of a song, you want to add another fragment or a whole track of another song. In this case, there are few applications that can be found to do this.

In fact, we will only talk about one, which is known as MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger. The same application that you can use on your cell phone and it is completely free.

MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger

The first thing we should mention is that this is an application available exclusively for Android devices. It allows you to cut audios, a function provided by other applications and platforms. The real reason why it stands out is because you can merge different tracks, so you can listen to the audio you want with personalized fragments of your favorite songs.

It is up to you how you want to cut and join the tracks, what you should know is that you don’t need to be an expert to perform this type of audio editing. You only need to install a good player on your mobile device and enjoy your favorite music.

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