How To Register On Shopee As A Seller | Guide

Do you want to sell your products or your brand online? A good option may be to learn how to register on Shopee as a seller.

If you have a small store or business, you may have thought about selling online. But the idea of setting up your own store is often too complicated. Therefore, many people start selling through larger platforms, such as Amazon, AliExpress and now also Shopee. Shopee is a platform that, after years sweeping Asia, a few months ago made its appearance in Spain. And if you are considering the possibility of selling your products on it, the first thing you need to know is how to register on Shopee as a seller. Something that is easier than you can imagine.

And is that to be a seller you only have to register in the normal way on the Shopee website in the same way you would do to buy. You don’t need to have a special account for this. However, in principle you will be qualified as an unlabeled seller. To become a preferred seller and have a stronger relationship with the online store you need to meet some requirements, such as having a minimum of 75 orders per month and responding quickly to customers. In addition, you must have good ratings from your customers and not have any penalties.

How To Become A Shopee Seller

As we have already mentioned, if you are considering how to become a Shopee seller, the first thing you need to do is create an account as you would do to buy. Once created, go to the Me tab in your profile and you will see a Seller option appear.

Then, following the steps we will explain in the next section you will be able to publish your products so that other people can buy them.

What you have to take into account is that the products must fulfill a series of requirements. It is forbidden to sell animal and wildlife products, artifacts or antiques, used cosmetics, stamps or counterfeit money, credit or debit cards, currencies and credits, digital currencies or credit cards, medicines and substances, seized goods, weapons or alcohol.

How To Sell On Shopee In Spain

Once you have registered and are clear about what you can sell, if you want to know how to sell on Shopee in Spain you will need to follow these steps:

  • In the Shopee app, go to Me>Sell>Add new product.
  • Upload photos and features of your product. Indicate here if it is second hand or not.
  • Choose the type of shipping. You can choose a company associated with Shopee or another of your choice. With the first option you can offer free shipping to your buyers.
  • Confirm and the ad will be published.
  • Once the item has been published, you can start receiving your first sales. If you have chosen shipping through a Shopee partner company, you will have to go to Me>Sale>Ship>Ship>Organize your shipping. There you will be able to indicate the date you want them to pick up the product. You should also keep in mind that your customers will have 15 days to return the product if they are not satisfied with it. Normally, returns will be made through the same company with which you have made the shipment.
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