How to see who is connected to your WiFi network without your permission? – Apps

Find out how to see who is connected to your Wifi network. Without internet many daily activities are paralyzed and if you work through it, it can be chaos. But if there is one thing that disrupts the chores of digital life, it is a slow internet connection even when everything is in order with the Router.

This can be due to the load of connected devices that saturate the connection and worse, without your permission.  That is why, below, we explain how to see devices connected to your WiFi without your permission. As well as how they can look and access your passwords.

Where can you see the devices connected to your Router?

To detect what is causing the slowness of your WiFi, you must first identify the devices that are not authorized by you and one way is to access the router to see who are connected.

For this option you must access the router through the default gateway, which is usually This code can be found in the URL bar of the browser, then you must enter the username and password, usually if you have not changed the user before you can enter with ‘admin’.

This will depend mainly on the telephone operator or internet provider.  Once inside the router configuration you will see the connected devices, you will verify the ones you have approved and if there are connected devices that do not have your authorization we will proceed to eliminate them.

What are the best apps to see intruders on your WiFi network and how to use them?

If gaining access to the router seems a very complicated process, for your luck and practicality there are applications that can help you easily detect intruders on your WiFi network: Fing, IP Tools: Wifi Analyzer and LazScan are some of them available on Android and iOS. Among those we have selected for you we have:

Fing on Android

It is a simple, didactic application with a user-friendly interface. It provides the useful tool to detect different types of connected devices. Such as, for example: the television.

Because it provides information: device name, IP address, operating system, even the model and MAC address. Beyond detecting an intruder of your WiFi with this application, you will be able to solve connection problems because it will tell you if they are connected correctly. It is available in the Play Store and Apple store.

You can also learn how to disable WiFi in the background through your Android OS device.

LanScan for Mac devices

You can download it from the Mac App Store, to give you a survey of the connection structure you have in place. It will allow you to see which device is connected to the network and how it is connected, if the signal it perceives is strong or not. Being simple and easy to use, it can be of great help to have it installed on the PC and to detect WiFi infiltrators.

How to use Wireless Network to see the devices connected to your network from your PC?

One of the most popular software for Windows, with different very useful functions and the best thing is that it is free. Once installed on your PC, you run it and immediately the list of devices connected to the WiFi network will appear.

It presents us with data, similar to the previously mentioned Fing application, such as: the IP address, the device name and the MAC address, it can be a great ally on your PC in a practical way, with just one click you can verify who is using the WiFi connection.

What is the safest way to expel a user from your WiFi network?

The best way to ensure protection and avoid connection problems from people you do not want to be using the WiFi network is to change the access password and try to set a password that is not easy to guess.

However, it is also possible to create a MAC filtering that will protect the router from software or applications that break into the WiFi security by hacking it. The option to reset the router settings can also ensure the expulsion of unwanted devices. Although it is similar to changing the password.

If you want to avoid such processes, there is a software called ‘NetCut’ that you can download to your PC and like the above mentioned applications it provides you with the information of connected devices.

But what is really worthwhile is that it gives you the tool to eject devices that you do not want to be there. In this way, you will prevent anyone from accessing your WiFi network. This tip allows you to increase the signal and internet performance in your home.

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