Android Keyboard Application (Aosp) Crashed Abnormally? Here’s How To Fix It [Guide]

Has the Android keyboard application (AOSP) crashed abnormally? Today in this guide we’ll see all the solutions that will allow you to restore the AOSP keyboard of your Android device to normal. The Android keyboard is increasingly rich in functions, from word correction, to suggestions on the next word to be entered, to the possibility of being able to add amazing stickers and emoji. However, all these features become completely useless if the keyboard stops displaying or freezes completely, thus stopping working. If you are experiencing the error in a popup message with reference to the Android (AOSP) keyboard application crashing abnormally, every time you try to use it to type something, I suggest you continue reading this guide, where you will find several solutions that will explain in detail what to do if the Android (AOSP) keyboard application crashes abnormally.

If the AOSP keyboard in use on some Android smartphone or tablet devices, stops working or crashes continuously, using many functions of the device that require you to write something will be virtually impossible. Think, for example, about the fact that you won’t be able to search with the browser, you won’t be able to write messages on Whatsapp or Facebook, you won’t even be able to type a simple SMS. If the Android (AOSP) keyboard app has crashed abnormally, here are all the solutions you can try to fix the problem.

Restart your device.

“The Android (AOSP) keyboard application has crashed abnormally” is an error message that could be solved very easily with a simple restart of the operating system, a very simple and quick solution to perform, which often manages to bring the keyboard of a smartphone or tablet back to its normal operation. Then long press on the physical Power On/Off button of the device, then from the menu that appears tap on the item Restart. Then wait until the Android OS has restarted and try to see if you still encounter error messages when trying to access the keyboard. If you are still experiencing errors with the AOSP keyboard that lead to its interruption, then move on to the next solution

Clear your keyboard cache

Between keyboard usage and various updates, the cache files might conflict with each other, leading to device keyboard malfunction. However, the cache files that are used by the keyboard can be deleted without any consequences for the settings and options that have been chosen, and the dictionary of new words, accounts, etc., will not be affected. The only consequence of clearing the cache files will be that initially the keyboard may be slower to open, but as the new files are created, it will resume opening and running at its regular speed. To clear the AOSP keyboard cache on an Android phone or tablet proceed as follows

  • Go to Settings on your Android device
  • Now go to Apps > Manage Apps
  • From the All apps section, you will see a list with all installed apps. Look for Keyboard (AOSP) which is the default Android keyboard.
  • Go to the Memory section by tapping on the entry and then tap on Clear Cache. 
  • Now that you’ve cleared the AOSP keyboard cache, try to see if when you open it if you still get an error message or if it finally started working normally again.

Clear the dictionary with the new words stored by the keyboard

Android’s AOSP keyboard can learn and store the words and typing patterns you use regularly, then saves them to be able to offer suggestions on the words that are best to use in a sentence. If the dictionary where the Android keyboard stores the data that affects the new words is corrupted, you’ll have to delete that data, otherwise the keyboard will keep crashing every time you try to open it. Obviously, in order to proceed with this solution, it is necessary that the keyboard lock does not happen every time you try to open it, as you must have the ability to access the AOSP keyboard settings. Here’s how to proceed to delete dictionary words from an AOSP keyboard:

  • Sign in to the AOSP app and have it appear as you normally would when you need to type something.
  • Enter the AOSP Keyboard Settings and scroll down to the Advanced menu.
  • Now press Delete learned words and data and confirm your decision to delete the new learned words from the dictionary.
  • Once the new words stored in the dictionary have been deleted, restart the Android device where you are experiencing the problem and try opening the keyboard. See if the abnormal lock issue has now been resolved with the AOSP keyboard

Uninstall the latest keyboard updates

The Android (AOSP) keyboard app crashed abnormally, is an error message that you may have started experiencing after updating the keyboard to its latest available version. The cause could be a bug in the latest AOSP keyboard update, or the cause could be an update that did not finish properly, perhaps due to some corrupt file. What can be done in this case? The solution in this case is to uninstall the latest AOSP keyboard updates, but consider that you will lose all the new settings, features and options that have been added with the latest updates. Here’s how to proceed below:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps
  • Search for Keyboard (AOSP) from the list of all apps and once you find it, tap on it with your finger to access the app’s About screen.
  • Now tap on the icon with the 3 dots as shown in the picture and you’ll find it on the top right of the screen
  • Now tap on Uninstall updates

By doing so, the keyboard will remove all of its latest updates and you’ll be left with the first version of the AOSP keyboard that you found installed on your device when you first turned it on.

Try other apps

If the Android AOSP keyboard continues to give you problems with sudden freezes or continuous crashes, there might be a deeper problem that requires resetting the operating system to its factory state. Before resetting the device you’re using, you might want to try some good alternatives to the Android AOSP keyboard, and a very good alternative keyboard that I recommend you to use is the excellent Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. See you next guide.


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