How to use the alarm on my Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite? – Set up your watch

Find out how to use the alarm on my Xiaomi Mi watch Lite. Among the smartwatches that Xiaomi has launched on the market, one of the most complete is the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. The ability to resist water, a battery life of up to nine days, multiple training modes and monitoring of sleep, heart rate and breathing, are just some of the most basic functions of this copy of the brand.

If you already have it in your hands or you are thinking of acquiring it soon, it is time to learn how to use all its tools, and starting with one of the simplest is the best option. To do this, Learn How To brings you this article so you can learn how to use the alarm on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite in quick and easy steps.

How to access the alarm on a Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite?

There are two practical ways to set an alarm on a Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite and use your watch as an alarm clock or for an important reminder, and they are as follows:

From the device.

If you have your mobile device linked and set to the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite smartwatch via some app like Mi Fit, you can set an alarm from the mobile. Start by opening the Mi Fit app and heading to Profile. On the linked devices, you will need to click on Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite to see the list of tools you can use.

Find the alarm and, when you open it, you will see the option to create a new one by clicking on the plus symbol that is usually located at the bottom of the cell phone screen. Set the time and the days you will need the alarm, click on save and you will have it ready.

Unlike a phone or alarm clock, the smartwatch will not activate a melody to wake you up, in case you use it for that, but it will vibrate, preventing you from waking up abruptly by the roar, while still fulfilling its function.

On your smartwatch

You can also set your alarm directly from the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, even much more easily than the previous case.

To get started, press the side button on the smartwatch until the apps appear on the screen. Scroll until you find the icon of a clock, corresponding to the alarm and click on it.

A blue button to add an alarm will appear at the bottom of the screen. Set the time you need it, select the OK button, proceed to set the days and press OK again to confirm. From then on, your watch will vibrate to wake you up or remind you of important matters during the set time and day.

How can you enable or disable an alarm on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite?

If you have an alarm created on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite device and you want to activate or deactivate it, you just need to enter the app, pressing the side button and looking for the alarms on the screen.

Next to the created alarm, there is a small slider button intended to mark its activity. In case you want to activate it, you will have to slide your finger across the button to the right side. If you want to deactivate it, do the same but in the opposite direction.

What can you do to permanently delete an alarm on your Mi Watch Lite?

If your desire is to completely undo the alarm and delete it from your phone, tap the alarm to display a menu with its details. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a Delete button that will permanently remove it from the smartwatch as soon as you press it.

How to customize the tone of an alarm on a Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite?

As we have already mentioned, the alarm on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite vibrates instead of ringing. However, the vibration tone can also be customized with the style you like best.

This can also be done from the Mi Fit app, again in the Profile by selecting the linked device, which in this case is the smartwatch. Locate and click on the app alerts option and then Vibrate. Once there, you will need to tap the button to add and create a new custom vibration.

To create it, you will only have to press the screen in the number of times you prefer your alarm to vibrate and finish the procedure by pressing save.