How to Play Minecraft VR on Quest 2 with QuestCraft

Today I come to show you how to play Minecraft VR with our Oculus Quest 2 without the need of a PC thanks to QuestCraft. Before starting this tutorial I have to warn you that this game is not official from the Oculus platform nor from the App Lab. This means that to install it we will need to go through the sideloading process and have an Oculus developer account.

Which version is the best for playing Minecraft in VR?

QuestCraft is a new way to play JAVA Minecraft in Virtual Reality natively with our Meta Quest 2 viewer. But this is not the only way to enjoy this game, we also have the official Oculus Rift version for Windows 10 version.

And we also have Vivecraft which is the method to play the JAVA version through PC which we did a tutorial recently. Having tried all three ways to play Minecraft I can advance you that the best and most polished way to play is through Vivecraft.

What do I need to play QuestCraft?

Even so if you have a Quest 2 and you don’t have a PC that runs Virtual Reality, QuestCraft is a good option to play this excellent game. First we need an Oculus developer account that is verified, for this I leave you our tutorial.

Once we have the account we will have to Sideloading to our Virtual Reality viewer Oculus Meta Quest 2, for this it is necessary to follow a few simple steps. Once these two simple prerequisites you go to need:

  • Quest viewer with Sideloading.
  • Usb-C cable to connect the viewer to the PC.
  • A PC with SideQuest installed.
  • Download the latest version of QuestCraft.
  • To have the Java edition of Minecraft.

How do I install Minecraft with QuestCraft on the Quests?

1- First we connect our Oculus Meta Quest 2 viewer to the PC using the Usb-C cable. Inside the viewer a message will appear to allow the file transfer.

If this message does not appear it is because previously when using Oculus Link you probably clicked the option “do not show again”. To solve it we activate this option again in the configuration menu.

2- Once connected our viewer to the computer we will download the latest version of QuestCraft, specifically the files app-debug.apk and

3- Now we will open the Sidequest program to install the app-debug.apk file in our viewer. To do this, click on the icon at the top right and look for the file in our downloads folder.

Below will appear a message that will tell us that the task has been completed successfully, if this gives error it is possible that you do not have enough space in your viewer or you have to restart it.

4- The next step is to unzip the contents of the file in the Quest2>Android>Data folder and replace all the necessary files. At this point we have installed everything we need to be able to play and we will not need any more of our PC services.

5- We disconnect the cable from our PC, then we restart the viewer to make sure that the changes made are saved.

6- In the applications menu you go to the top tab and change to “Unknown origins”, then select PojavLauncher. This will open a browser tab where we will enter our Minecraft Java or Microsoft account.

IMPORTANT : Make sure that you check the “keep me logged in” option before entering the account. This will avoid problems in the game with infinite loading screens.

We already have the launcher with our account, now we only have to make the necessary configurations to be able to play in VR.

7- The first thing will be to enter in Configuration> Video> Renderer and select the third option.

8- We return to the main menu of the launcher and choose the version of the game, we go down to the bottom where we will find the option “Fabric-loader-0.12 12-1-18.1”.

9- We press the play button and it will launch a message to tell us that this version is not the last one, we press “play anyway”. We wait until the necessary files of the version of the game are downloaded and then after waiting a few minutes patiently the game will open.

Possible errors and solution

One of the most common errors is when we find that the game does not appear in Unknown Sources once installed from Sideload. To solve this problem we should clean the application registry from Sidequest or completely format the viewer.

Another of the most common failures is the infinite loading screen after starting the application. In this case you must understand that the process can take between 1 and 3 minutes to start depending if it is the first time.

But if after this time the game has not yet opened and we can still hear the soundtrack make sure you have checked the option “Stay logged in” when you open the launcher.

And finally failure in the launcher when minimizing the game that prevents us from returning to the game. You should know that every time we open Minecraft in VR with QuestCraft if we want to exit we will have to restart the viewer, since the launcher is still in an early stage and even it will not close the game.

If you want to know more about Virtual Reality I recommend you take a look at Sony shows the PSVR 2 for PlayStation 5. 

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