How To Manage Google Photos Space Now That There Is No Unlimited Storage

If you are afraid of running out of space, we show you how to manage Google Photos space now that there is no unlimited storage.

If you have a lot of photos stored in your personal cloud, you may be wondering how to manage Google Photos space now that there is no unlimited storage.

If until now you could save as many photos as you wanted in standard quality, since last June you only have a maximum of 15GB between all Google services.

The easiest way to free up space is to go through your library from time to time and delete those files you do not want. There are always photos that we take at a given time but that after a few days are no longer of interest to us. Deleting these images can help you avoid using up space for others that may be of real interest to you. But it would be even more convenient not to upload them. To do this, you can disable the automatic backup option. To do this, tap on your profile picture and go to Photos Settings>Backup and Photos. Then tap on Backup and sync to disable the option.

Also, when Google Photos detects that you have saved a screenshot, after a few days it gives you the option to delete it. The moment you open the app, a message will appear indicating if you want to delete it. This will help you not to have the space occupied by things you do not need.

How To Know How Much Free Space You Have In Google Photos

To find out if you have to try to free and delete images, you must learn how to know the space you have free in Google Photos, for which you must follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Access the “Data and personalization” section.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Account storage” section, which will show you how much storage you have left. To find out more, click on “Manage storage”.
  • There you can see how much storage is still free on your Google account, and you can also check how much of each service (Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos).
  • Keep in mind that the 15GB you have right now for free does not refer only to the space to save photos. It also includes emails and attachments that you have received in your Gmail account and the documents you have saved in Drive.

Therefore, when you set out to free up space, you will not only be able to do so by deleting photos. It is possible that you have documents that were useful to you years ago and no longer useful or emails sent to you by people you are no longer interested in. In this way you could gain space without having to delete your favorite photos.

How To Increase The Limited Space On Google Photos

If after reviewing everything you can delete in all Google services you are still lacking storage, you may wonder how to increase the limited space on Google Photos.

To do this, you will have to subscribe to Google One, the paid storage service that will allow you to have much more space to store your documents in the cloud. It has very reasonable prices and can be worth it if you want to have backup of many documents.

Thus, the basic package allows you to have 100 GB of storage. You can also choose to pay for the standard package, which gives you 200 GB of extra storage. And in case you need a lot of storage space, you can also subscribe to the Premium package, which offers 2TB of storage 

This storage space will not only be for your photos, but you can also use it for email or to save documents in Google Drive.

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