How to download Disney Plus on any device: TV, Mobile or PC

Learn how to download Disney Plus on any device. Possibly, Disney + is the latest streaming platform to rapidly gain users since its launch between 2019 and 2020, depending on the countries. It is the site where all movies, documentaries, series, shorts and specials are hosted not only productions of this company, but also Marvel, Pixar film studio with new releases.

Nat Geo and Star Wars, this large library of content has not stopped renewing itself constantly. Disney plus is one of the most powerful acquisitions of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, which today is fighting the podium with the most powerful as Netflix, Amazon or HBO, also through the subscription service provides an attractive list and suitable for all ages.

Although at the time of its launch it received some criticism regarding the poor performance of some content, speed and various obstacles, the company has been correcting all its mistakes, and ensuring not only the proper functioning, but also listening to the complaints and suggestions of its users, in order to optimize the use of the platform.

Do you want to know more about Disney Plus? In this article we are going to leave you an informative guide about this streaming platform that is on everyone’s lips and that you need to know and how to install it from any device, its cost and combos, among other things.

How much does it cost to buy Disney Plus content for any screen?

One of the considerations we take into account when acquiring a new platform, channel, application is to know its cost, it is usually a determinant to do it or not.

The truth is that in the case of Disney Plus the subscription is not too expensive, and is around the same price of other streaming platforms. Its monthly value is $8 USD, which is equivalent to 7.06 Dollars and $385. This option provides you with:

  • Exclusive Disney content +
  • Simultaneous connection on 4 devices
  • Combo with Star Plus (optional) – If you purchase the combo the price is $995. There is also an annual payment option, which has a 16% discount, this translates into $3850. The annual payment does not include the combo subscription with Star Plus, the subscription must be monthly.
  • These amounts apply for any device and for any country, although in some cases, you may have to pay some extra fees for taxes or commissions depending on where you live.

How to download Disney Plus on your cell phone after purchasing it?

Once you have chosen the most suitable payment method, you are ready to install Disney Plus on your devices.

This time I will show you how to install Disney Plus from your mobile device, so that you can enjoy it anywhere, whether on the bus, at school, during your breaks at work or even in bed before going to sleep. Here’s how to do it from your PC, your Android and your iPhone.

From a computer

It is one of the most used options, because its operation is much faster than with other devices, in order to use Disney Plus on your mobile you must perform the following steps:

  • Once you have made the purchase from Disney Plus in your computer, and you have completed the subscription, you will have to go to your cell phone.
  • Go to the app store or play store and download the Disney Plus application.
  • When the download is finished, you will have to open the application and log in with the same data you used to subscribe on your PC.¬†
  • This way, you will have access to all Disney Plus content.
  • Remember that you can also download it on your PC. In this sense, you should take into account that Disney + is compatible with most servers, that is to say Linux, Microsoft Windows (XP 7,8,10), Apple Mac OS. You can also enter from your browser to the Disney Plus website, and log in with the same data, if you forgot your password, you can change it again.

iPhone device

As far as iOS is concerned, the same should be as basic an iOS 11.0. To install the Disney plus app you just need to follow a few simple steps. After completing them, you will be able to easily use your new streaming platform:

  • Go to your app store.
  • In the list of applications you can type Disney Plus or Disney +.
  • There, you will have to click on “download”.
  • Once the download process is finished, you can enter Disney Plus and log in. And your navigation through the content library is now available.

Android Mobile

The first thing you should do in this case is to verify that your mobile device is compatible with the Disney Plus app. In principle, you must have an Android 5.0, at least. If you meet this condition, you are ready to install the application. The steps to follow on Android are as follows:

Go to your Play Store.

  • In the search engine, which has a magnifying glass icon, type “Disney Plus or Disney. There, click on “download”.
  • When the download is finished you can open the app and log in to Disney Plus and browse the Disney + library .
  • Do not forget that it also works on other devices such as Smart Tv, Chromecast, Xbox and Playstation 3,4 and 5. So if you have other devices available, know that you can also install Disney Plus.

How many screens can be used at the same time with a single Disney Plus account?

Finally, one of the most frequently asked questions is how many devices simultaneously can watch Disney Plus. The answer is 4, only 4 devices can use the app at the same time. If you are interested in having more people watching the app, you can create a Disney + Group Watch, where 6 people can use the app at the same time.

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