How to watch Amazon Prime Video movies and series on a TV? – How to set up

Learn how to watch Amazon Prime Video movies and series on a TV. Nowadays more people enjoy watching movies or series in their own home. And if you want to use Amazon Prime services, we will tell you how you can watch any movie or series on your own Smart TV or even from a conventional TV. 

What do you need to know about a TV to be compatible with this service?

If you want to enjoy this service the only thing you need to know, is if your TV is compatible with it and below we will tell you those that are:

  • Sony Smart TVs that are of the year 2014 or higher.
  • Samsung Smart TVs from 2012 onwards.
  •  LG WebOS Smart TVs that are from the year 2014 or later and also any that have Android TV.
  • However, if you do not have any of these TVs, do not be discouraged, you can also use one that connects to a smart device, such as video game consoles, TV Stick, and finally the TV box.

What are the ways to watch on a TV the Prime Video service?

To be able to watch series and movies on the Amazon Prime platform first of all you must make sure you are subscribed to it, if so you can do it through its official website. Once you do it here we will tell you how you can watch on your TV any movie or series you want.

From the application

The first way is through the application, if your TV is compatible with it, check if it is installed by default, if not you just have to download it from the official store. After you have it installed, log in with your personal account using username and password. Finally when you access it and search for the series or movie of your choice.

If the app is on another device

If the Amazon Prime app is on another device, you can also choose to connect your Smart Tv to it, for this you can use an HDMI cable, and among the devices with which you can do this we have the following: Phones with Android operating system, video game consoles, Shield, Nvidi. To do this you must also log in to your account with your username and password.

As for a phone there is also another way to connect it to your Smart Tv without HDMI cable, for this you need Chromecast, with it you can duplicate the screen of the cell phone on the TV. Same as all the previous one you must log in to the application with an account.

How to watch Prime Video programs on a TV?

Below we will tell you in detail in what way you can watch Amazon Prime video programs on your personal TV.

If it is a Smart TV

In case it is a Smart Tv, in the previous part we mentioned that you can watch your series and programs through the application, or by connecting it to another electronic device via an HDMI cable. Even using a program that makes your phone screen duplicated on your TV.

On a conventional TV

If you have a conventional TV, which does not even have internet access, you can also enjoy movies and series from Amazon Prime, for this same as in the previous part you just have to connect via an HDMI cable an electronic device that has the downloaded application. Among them: Apple TV, video games like PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, Nvidia Shield.

Even with just a computer you can connect it to your TV with the HDMI cable, once you do it just open the browser of your choice and search for Amazon Prime then log in with your password and user. Finally, search for the series or movie you want to watch. It should be noted that if you want to make any changes either movie or place subtitles you must do it is on the computer.

Why can’t this service be played on a Smart TV?

Amazon Prime Video in terms of streaming platforms offers one of the best experiences. But, however, there are times when we find inconveniences or problems when watching the movie or series, and if this happens to you, below we will tell you some of the reasons why it may happen:

The speed of your internet is not enough, for this platform you need at least 4 MB of speed at least, if the internet is low you will not be able to watch the content. That is why we recommend that you first check the internet speed you have at that moment.

Another reason may be that you have an outdated application, so go to the application store on your TV and if you see an option to update it, do so.

When using a VPN, it is common to access content that is not available in the country you are in, however, most of the time, companies block access, which is why this may be another reason.

As a last option, it may also be that your account has been suspended, either due to a violation of the terms of service or simply because you have not paid. In any of these cases, it is best to check the status of your account on the Amazon platform.

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