How To Tell Gmail That I Am On Vacation

We tell you how to configure Gmail to send a reply email automatically while you are away on vacation.

Summer is coming and we deserve a vacation. The best way to enjoy them is disconnecting from everything, if you want to warn your email contacts that you will not be able to answer their messages we tell you how to put in Gmail that I’m on vacation.

Vacations are sacred and it is not just me saying it, it is that the legislation says that employees have every right to disconnect during their vacation and do not have to answer phone calls or any email that reaches them.

That does not mean that the person who has sent the message does not go crazy thinking that their requests are being ignored, so we put a notice in our email warning of the absence.

One of these email servers where we can warn of our absence is Gmail. This application is available in more than 50 languages and is one of the most used servers for email management.

If you are already on vacation and you want to reflect it also in your email we tell you how to put in Gmail that I am on vacation. The first thing you have to do is open the Gmail application on your mobile device either with Android or iOS.

Then tap on the icon of the three stripes that you have at the top and scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click where it says “Settings”. Choose the email account where you are going to put that you are on vacation. Then click on “Automatic reply”.

At the top slide to the right to activate the automatic reply. Now you should set the first day of the vacation notice and the last day of the vacation notice. Then specify a subject of the email for example and finally put the message that you are taking a break.

This reply will be sent to all incoming email addresses, regardless of whether they are among your contacts or not. If you prefer to send it only to the contacts saved in your address book, activate the option before finishing. Finally, save the changes.  

Examples Of Vacation Absence Messages To Put In Gmail

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Now that you know how to put in Gmail that I’m on vacation, you may have this question: What text should I put in the vacation email? Don’t miss these examples of vacation absence messages to put in Gmail.

Vacation messages should be concise with greetings and indications of the time you will be absent. Here are several examples of absence messages:



 Thank you for contacting me. I’m sorry I can’t attend you but I’m on vacation. I will be available again on … and month.  

In case you need something before, you can contact [Name and email of colleague].

Best regards and happy summer!”



I’m on vacation right now. Unfortunately, I will not have access to my mail during this time.  I will be able to assist you again on … of ….

Please do not hesitate to contact my colleague (name and email of the contact person).

Kind regards,

If in addition to reporting your vacation you want to share a resource or information about your or your company’s work you can add before the farewell greeting a text like this: “While I’m away, I don’t want you to miss what we are doing from Company name/dept in / to / about / Access by clicking on the following link (link to the article, review or project)”. It will allow you to share content or an article or review about the work.

How To Set Up Other Autoresponders In Gmail

Once you know how to put in Gmail I’m on vacation you can use the same function to know how to set up other autoresponders on the platform.

Thus, you can use the autoresponder not only for vacations, but also for, for example, a day when you are out of the office because you are doing a course or because you have to make a business trip. You can also set up other autoresponders in Gmail for a day when you know you will not have access to the Internet if, for example, your building is under construction.

To find out how to set up other autoresponders, go to “Settings”, choose your account, activate the “Automatic reply” and put “Out of office” in the subject line. In the message briefly explain the time of absence.

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