How To Turn Your Old Cell Phone Into A Wifi Repeater

Find out how to turn your old cell phone into a Wifi repeater. Nowadays there are few people who do not have Internet at home. But those who have the service may encounter a major problem as it is the case that your home does not receive the network with the same power in all rooms. Each router has a maximum range, which should not be reached to ensure a good connection everywhere. That is why we are going to show you how to turn an old cell phone into a WiFi repeater at home.

Recycle your old cell phone with this trick

You’ve probably changed mobile in the last two years, so you probably have at home what is known as a spare terminal.

Logically, you will never want to go back to it unless the new one has given a failure or you have it in the technical service.

But if you want it to keep working instead of sitting in a drawer with no battery, it may be a good option to give your old phone a second life.

Of course, your old cell phones are good for much more than just reusing them tomorrow or having them available in an emergency situation.

And one of those options, among the many in the article that we have proposed in the previous paragraph, is that you can use your old router as a WiFi repeater.

That way you can save some money on such a device and, if possible, ensure the use of a 5GHz WiFi network throughout the house.

How to turn your cell phone into a WiFi repeater

The first thing you need to take into account to turn your mobile into a WiFi repeater is that it has Android installed. In fact, you only need this requirement and have the phone connected to the power outlet so that it never loses power.

Of course, and to avoid problems in the future, we recommend that you “clean the terminal”. By this we mean that you uninstall all installed applications and that all multimedia content is stored safely and removed from the device.

Once you have done the above, we proceed to discuss all the steps you need to follow to turn your mobile into a WiFi repeater:

  • Turn on your router and your old mobile
  • Connect the cell phone to the router to the network you want to extend
  • In your smartphone go to the “Connections” section
  • Click on the “Personal hotspot” activator.
  • From that moment on, the phone starts sending the data it receives from the WiFi to other nearby devices.

Last step: link to the mobile, not to the router

As you can imagine, not having mobile data only replicates the wireless signal from the router and you will have to link your devices not to the router, but to the phone that you have turned into a repeater.

For this reason, you can change the name of the terminal in the same options section if you want to be clear about which access point you are connecting your devices to, to always have the highest speed wherever you go inside your home.

Here you can find two options for connecting your devices: the first is to use the default phone password, which you can change at any time.

The second one is, if your terminal has this option, to generate a QR code that any phone can read to establish the connection immediately.

After completing all these steps all you need is for your new WiFi repeater to have power. It is true that you can take it anywhere in the house where you need it, but if it stops working the connected devices will stop receiving data.

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