How to Remove Contacts from Telegram (Updated 2024)

We tell you how to easily remove contacts from telegram you no longer use

If you are one of those who have a lot of contacts in messaging applications like Telegram and there comes a time when you do not talk to many of them, you may no longer want them to appear so we tell you how to remove Telegram contacts and leave only those that interest you

Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications after WhatsApp to establish conversations via chat. In 2021 the platform is already used by 500 million users worldwide.

For work, for connecting in social, family events, or for travel, there are many reasons why we add new contacts in Telegram. Then time passes, we lose contact with them, and maybe we never need to talk to them again, but we see that they are still on the list. The best thing to do in these cases is to delete that contact.

As in WhatsApp, the contacts that appear in Telegram are synchronized with your mobile address book. The only thing that changes is that in Telegram these contacts are stored in the cloud platform.

If you would like to make “cleaning” but do not know how to remove contacts in Telegram below we show you step by step how you can start to reduce your list.

Before continuing you should know that Telegram does not have an option to delete several contacts at once, but you will have to remove them one by one. The process is quite simple so it will not take you much time, even if you delete them individually.

To learn how to remove contacts in Telegram open the application and go to the chat window of the contact you want to delete. Once inside the chat window click on the name of the contact that appears at the top.

In the new window that opens click on the three dots next to the call icon. Among the options that appear choose “Delete contact”. Then Telegram will ask you to confirm this deletion. Then the contact is already deleted.

When you delete the contact, but not the chat window on telegram, the conversation is still visible, but you will see that instead of his name appears the phone number because it is no longer a contact recognizable by Telegram on your device.

Why in Telegram I get contacts that I don’t have

Once you know how to remove contacts from Telegram we tell you another situation that can occur. If you have opened Telegram and suddenly you have seen that many contacts appear that you do not know who they are you wonder why in Telegram I get contacts that I do not have?

Calm down, you have not gone crazy and no one has taken your phone and you have added people. What happens is that Telegram has a function that allows you to talk to people who are in a radius close to you.

To disable this option and no one sees you, even if they are close to you just go to Telegram and in “Contacts” go to “Find people nearby” > “Stop showing me visible”.

How to delete contacts from Telegram Cloud

As mentioned above contacts are stored in the cloud. So in addition to knowing how to remove contacts from Telegram, it is interesting that you know how to delete contacts from the Telegram cloud.

To not leave any trace of contact in Telegram it is best to delete the cache to also free up space on the phone. Just open Telegram and then click on the three little lines that you have on the top left.

Then click on “Settings” > “Data and Storage” > “Storage Usage” and finally “Clear Telegram cache”.

How to Hide Contacts in Telegram

If you have a huge list of chats of Telegram contacts and although you know how to remove contacts from Telegram you do not want to delete them, in case you want to chat with them again someday, the alternative is that you should know how to hide contacts in Telegram.

It is very easy you just have to see the list of chats conversation, choose the contact and slide on it from right to left. The “Archive” option will appear. Click on it. The conversation with that contact will be hidden. To talk again, simply reload the conversation list page by swiping from top to bottom. A section called “Archived chats” will appear. Enter it and choose the conversation to rewrite and it will be shown again

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