How to change the voice in Google maps

If you are interested in knowing how to change the voice in Google Maps, in this article we detail everything you need to know and the steps to follow.

The daily use of the same application for a certain time can end up getting boring, so in this article, we will tell you how to change the voice in Google Maps. This way you can opt for another accent to receive the directions when you have to take the car and even improve your language learning.

To change the voice in Google Maps, we will have to open the application and access the main menu, located at the top right of our screen, with your Google profile image, and choose the option ‘Settings‘. Once inside, we scroll down until we see the option ‘Navigation settings‘.

When we click there we can see that the volume of the indications can be modified, usually, it is set to ‘Normal‘. Just below is the option that we have been looking for, so we press on ‘Selected voice‘ and we will see that the option ‘Default (English) is activated. It has the advantage of indicating the name of the streets, so many people choose not to change it.

The more experienced can even risk opting for a voice in another language. It is likely that among our readers there are not many interested in receiving directions in other languages, but if you are studying English, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, Italian or French, it can be an interesting option to explore. However, if you are going to a place you don’t know at all and you need to rely on Google Maps 100%, our advice is not to risk more than necessary and use one of the English options available.

Can I Customize the voice on Google Maps?

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Those are the main steps to change the voice in the Google maps application, but can I customize the voice in Google Maps? Here comes the bad news: there is no possibility to customize the voice. There are many browsers on the market that offer the possibility not only to choose the tone of voice, but also its gender (some even using voices of famous people), but in the case of Google Maps, all these options simply do not exist.

In some updates carried out by Google, there has been some change in the voice that gives us the directions, but this change has been limited to replacing the old ones with the latest one, without giving the user the possibility to choose the one that interests him the most to keep him company and show him the way while driving.

At the moment Google does not plan to add several voices to choose from, but users can use this form to send comments. There you can also make proposals to improve the application, so if there is a large demand from users who want to have male voices or with another tone, it is not excluded that Google picks up the gauntlet and add them in future updates.

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