Post WhatsApp like Status on Telegram? we tell you how

Are you wondering if you can put in Telegram like those of WhatsApp? We tell you what you need to know about it.

WhatsApp status went from being a simple copy of Instagram stories to being a form of communication that many use daily. But in recent months there are many who have decided to switch to using Telegram as their main instant messaging tool. If this is your case, you’ve probably wondered if you can put in Telegram status like those of WhatsApp. The reality is that not exactly, there is no option in Telegram that allows you to put states. But there is a very similar function that can help you.

These are the stories, which work in a similar way to those of Instagram, Twitter Fleets, or as we have already said to WhatsApp status. So basically, the only difference between one and the other is in the name. But the possibility of sharing images with your friends through this instant messaging platform. The difference is that in this case, they will not disappear automatically after 24 hours, but at the time you want them to disappear you will have to delete them manually, and they will remain available in the meantime.

How to post status on Telegram

The process of how to post a status on Telegram is quite simple. If you have an iPhone, you will have to press the bottom Settings button and then select Set new photo or video. There you will have to select the photo or video you want to share and it will become available to your contacts. In case you do it from Android, the process is very similar. You simply have to press the three lines and then click on your photo. There you have the possibility to select several images to share them as a story so that all your contacts can see them.

When you want to delete a photo, just click on it and hit delete. At that moment, the photo will no longer be available. Therefore, although you can not put in Telegram states like WhatsApp are that name and that mechanics, you do have a very similar function that can be of great help.

Who visits my Telegram?

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In WhatsApp, there is the option to see who has visited each of your states. And if you have recently changed messaging tools, it is likely that you have ever wondered how can I know who visits my Telegram.

The reality is that this application does not have a function that allows us to know which users have seen each of our photos. But if you are worried that your images may reach people you do not want, you can select who can see your profile. To do this, in the tool’s app you must go to Settings>Privacy and security>Profile photos.

At that point, you can choose whether your photos are only available to your contacts or if they can be seen by anyone with your phone number. You can also configure it so that no one can access your images, although in principle it does not seem to make much sense to publish a photo for anyone to see it. By following these steps you can not be sure who has seen the images you have published, but you can be sure that those people who you do not want to have access to that part of your privacy can have access to your publications.

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