How to register in Telegram without a phone number

Many users are looking for how to register in Telegram without a phone number. We tell you what you need to know about it.

One of the great advantages of Telegram is that you can use it without letting other users know your phone number. You can connect through a nickname that you can give to the people you want, without them having access to something as personal as your phone. But if what a user is looking for is how to register on Telegram without a phone number is a little more complicated.

And is that to create an account on the instant messaging tool you need to receive a code via SMS. Therefore, you will have to give a phone number to receive that message and be able to create your account without further complications. Of course, if you want, you can hide the number, so that none of your contacts can access it.

To hide your number you will have to enter the application settings, in the privacy and security section. There you will have to look for the Phone number option. Who can see my number? section, you can choose whether everyone can see it, only your contacts or no one. By choosing the latter option, no one you talk to on Telegram will be able to know what your number is.

is it possible to activate Telegram without a code?

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Something that some users wonder is whether activating Telegram without a code is possible. The reality is that no, the activation code is absolutely necessary to be able to have an account in the popular instant messaging tool.

That yes, if you have an alternative option if you see that the message does not reach you or for whatever reason you can not receive an SMS. There is also an option that allows the service to make a call and tell us the code by voice. This option will appear available in the Telegram application if we see that we do not get the code.

In principle, this call function is intended for when for some reason we can not receive the SMS. But, in case you encounter this problem we recommend that you first check the coverage. Normally, when the message does not arrive it is because of a connection problem. And if you do not have the coverage you may not be able to receive the call either.

Where to find a number to activate Telegram

If you are definitely determined not to use your own phone in the registration process, you are probably wondering where to find a number to activate Telegram. The easiest option is usually to enter a number that you have active but no longer use or even ask someone who will not use the application to allow us to receive the code on their mobile.

But another very useful option that will allow us to activate Telegram without having to depend on anyone or give our phone number is to use a prepaid card. You can buy it in any phone store, usually with some money included. Insert this card in your smartphone and perform the registration process with it. Afterward, you can change it and put your usual card back in. This way you will be using a Telegram account that will not be linked to your usual number. And the prepaid card can be saved for registrations in other tools that require it.

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