In google photos, I do not get the WhatsApp folder: solution

When I go into Google Photos I do not get the WhatsApp folder: very simple solution in a few steps.

When I go into Google Photos I do not get the WhatsApp folder: Solution to the rescue! You may be looking for a photo that was sent to you some time ago and Google Photos is not there, or suddenly the folder where you used to find them has disappeared. The solution may be related to the configuration of the settings of one of the two applications or both. First of all, do not despair, we tell you to step by step what to do!

Why WhatsApp photos do not appear in google photos

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The most likely answer to why WhatsApp photos do not appear in Google Photos is that you have not enabled the option for this to happen. If you want every content sent to you to be automatically saved in the cloud, we tell you how to do it. It will only take you a couple of minutes.

But first, don’t forget that Google storage space is now not unlimited, so you may have exceeded the limit and that’s precisely why the photos have stopped being saved. If you still have space, you may also prefer to reserve it, instead of filling it with all the images, videos, and other content that comes to you every day to WhatsApp groups.

It’s up to you! If you still want to synchronize the content of both applications, here are the steps to follow so that the WhatsApp images folder appears in Google Photos automatically.

In Google photos, I do not get the WhatsApp folder: solution

  1. Enter Goole Photos and click on the icon of your profile (probably your photo appears) at the top right of the screen of your mobile.
  2. Select the “Photo settings” icon and, in the settings, check the “Backup and sync” option.
  3. In the next drop-down, click on “Device folders backed up”. Then all the folders will appear and you should check those you want.
  4. Check if the WhatsApp tab is checked: if the answer is no, there is the solution. If the tab is checked and the folder still does not appear, the problem may come from WhatsApp (we explain it below!).
  5. Once the tab is checked, go back to home, go to “Library” and in your folders should appear the WhatsApp folder as shown in the image.

My Whatsapp photo folder has disappeared

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If you have followed the above steps and still the WhatsApp photo folder has disappeared; or if, for example, it does not appear on your phone, you may need to change some points in the settings of this application.

It may also happen that there has been an update of the application, or that there has been a problem when downloading or updating WhatsApp. In that case, you will have to follow the following points to reconfigure it. Take note!

  1. Go to WhatsApp and click on the three dots at the top right.
  2. In the first dropdown that appears, go to the “Chats” option; and once inside, make sure that the “Visibility of multimedia files” option is checked.
  3. Another change you may need to make to make the WhatsApp folder appear, both Google Photos and on your phone, is as follows:
  4. Go, as we explained above, into WhatsApp’s “Settings”, but this time select “Storage and Data”. You may not have automatic downloading enabled (or it has been disabled), as seen in the image, and that’s why you can’t find the photos.
  5. By enabling these options you are allowing the application to share the files that come to you via WhatsApp, both on your phone and on Google Photos.
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