How to schedule a message on WhatsApp | Guide

Find out how to schedule a message on Whatsapp. Over the years, WhatsApp has become increasingly popular so much so that it has become the number one messaging app in the world. Thanks to a feature on Apple devices, you can schedule messages to be sent on WhatsApp. How to do this? Find out by continuing to read this article.

Schedule sending messages on WhatsApp

Thanks to this new feature you can, for example, send a good morning message in a completely automatic way to your contacts every day of the week or a particular day. To do this you’ll have to hold your iPhone and perform the following steps:

  • First, open the Commands app on your iPhone and select the Automation tab;
  • Tap on Create Personal Automation and click on Time of Day to choose what time to send the message and how often to repeat the action;
  • Once this is done, you will have to click on Next and then, in the Actions menu, you will have to tap on the search bar at the bottom and search for WhatsApp;
  • among the items that appear, select Send a message and do not send message with WhatsApp;
  • at this point, you’ll have to type the message you want to send and select the recipient (or recipients), then you can click Next;
  • To finish, you’ll have to deactivate the switch located at the item Ask before running and then tap the FIne button.
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